Monday, October 3, 2016

try cookin

cooking can sometimes be an intimidating thing for me. i often find myself pinning recipes that look just SO GOOD and going out and buying all the ingredients for the recipe, spending a zillion dollars on ingredients and then never using the rest of the ingredients.

hi, i'm a monster.

but i saw cookin through some friends on instagram, and i was intrigued. they promised me recipes that were quick, delicious and easy, and a grocery list that wouldn't put produce to waste. were they in my kitchen watching me waste everything???? oh, and there's no charge for getting the menus. yeah. they're free. it's all free.

so when they approached me to give one of their menus a shot, i was all like SIGN ME UP.

first you pick your menu. i decided to go with a pescetarian menu (they even have vegetarian and vegan specific menus!) because shrimp makes me feel fancy. they set me up with a grocery list featuring exactly what i would need to make three dinners for two people.
Cookin Photos
once i picked everything up (for under $40!), i came home ready to cook. the three recipes were from the "tropical shrimp" menu, and were totally different. i'm super busy these days (lol all days), so i want meals i can make quickly. a lot of recipes out there claim to be done in 15 minutes, but there i am 30 minutes later and not even half way through cooking. not ideal when it's 7pm and i'd like to be eating. all the recipes i tried said they'd be done in 15 minutes AND THEY WERE. glory be.
Try Cookin
and they were delicious! i whipped up the pico de gallo shrimp and the shrimp with coconut rice (the thai peanut shrimp is on the menu for tonight's dinner!), and they were delicious and filling!
Shrimp and Coconut Rice
i highly recommend giving cookin a try; i prefer this method to the box delivery because it teaches you how to grocery shop smarter, and it teaches you how to use all your ingredients. win/win.
Pico de Gallo Shrimp
plus, they're giving away a $25 gift card to the winner's chosen grocery store this month! all you need to do is sign up for a free account today! what are you waiting for?

disclosure: i was provided money to pay for the groceries in collaboration with this post, but as always, all opinions are my own!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

where have i been?

where have i been lately?

i've been wondering the same thing myself. for a long time, i wasn't feeling like myself. things were off, i was reclusive, and it felt disingenuous to come on here and pretend like everything was ok.

quite honestly, all of that doesn't really matter anymore. i'm out on the other side, feeling a lot more like myself and feel really ready to come back here.


a lot of my life goes really quickly. i work seven days a week, i'm on the go, i'm running, i'm moving. and i'm starting to learn that maybe i need to take things a bit slower. not with trepidation or because i'm scared, but because i need to protect myself.

i'm protecting myself from my high expectations, and the crushing feeling of defeat that comes when i don't hit them. i'm protecting myself from the expectations and prying eyes of others. because it's come to my attention that the second things seem a bit off, you can be put under a microscope. having everything i do monitored and measured is stressful and painful and makes me more recluse.

so i'm taking things slow, in a lot of aspects of my life. i've always taken developing friendships and relationships (professional and personal) pretty slowly, and now i'm even slowing that down. because as i approach 30, i'm starting to realize that quality over quantity is real and present. it's great to have friends and plans, but true deep relationships should be cherished and nourished. and, realistically, it's very difficult to do that with too many people. so i'm spending a lot of my time putting my energy into relationships that are beneficial for me.

i like a slower pace of life. i like being able to take things leisurely. i'm lucky that i have the time and the space to do that. that i'm afforded the type of lifestyle where i can do that. that i have people in my life who are supportive of this.

if you've made it to the end of this, congrats. if you've actually been wondering where i've been, i went to vegas recently. here are some of my favorite pictures i took while i was there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

a quick thought

buy me
i'm coming back, i promise.

Friday, July 1, 2016

vital proteins collagen supplement: a product review

disclosure: i was provided complimentary samples of vital proteins collagen supplements in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.

so earlier this week, i shared a few ways i stay healthy, and i mentioned that i take collagen supplements. collagen is a really interesting thing to introduce to your diet. there are so many benefits to adding more of it to your life.

  • it helps maintain skin elasticity
  • improves circulation in your blood vessels
  • it can help diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • plus it's good for your hair, nails and skin
basically, it's a great thing to get more of. so when the folks of vital proteins asked me if i wanted to try out their collagen peptides and collagen beauty greens, i was ALL OVER THAT. these are both powders that can be mixed into water or a smoothie, similar to a protein powder. i tried both on their own with water to start, and while the beauty greens is flavored coconut vanilla, i just didn't like the taste of it. but when i mixed it into an almond milk smoothie with a few other ingredients, it was much easier for me to get down. since i don't make a smoothie every morning, i figure i'll continue to use it as a once a week add-in to my diet.

the collagen peptides, on the other hand, are flavorless. so mixed with regular water, it actually tasted pretty good on its own. you can definitely tell there's something in your water, but it's nothing bad. just make sure you mix it well, so there are no lumps!

now for my skin! i take good care of my skin in general and i do try to drink 80 ounces of water to ensure my skin has the right amount of moisture, so i wasn't sure if drinking these supplements would really do anything for me.

after about a month of drinking these supplements regularly, i've noticed that my skin is definitely glowing a little more and has definitely smoothed out a bit. i'm sure with prolonged use, i'll see more (and better!) results.

tldr; this stuff is easy to incorporate into your daily life, and helps your skin. so why wouldn't you try it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

on healthy living

it's no secret i love living a healthy life. i love exercising and treating my body well (and yes, that does include indulging in pizza and cake when i want). everything in moderation. there are tons of ways to be healthy. for me, it's fitting in spinning classes at b/spoke and running whenever i get the chance. i love being active and sweating. plus, it's good for your mental health. aka sometimes i shed a few tears on the bike. whatever.

on top of that, i do my best to drink 80 ounces of water each day. we all should be drinking more water, right? but why? it's great for your skin, for one. if your skin is super dry, you can treat it with a lot of oils and creams, but you can also treat it from the inside by drinking more water. and we already know oily skin is generally dehydrated skin that's overcompensating for being dehydrated. another solution to the problem? drink some water! and it's good for our insides, because our bodies are mostly made of water. so, ya know, give it some of the good stuff.

the last thing i do to keep myself healthy? i take a probiotic and drink a collagen supplement each day (more on that later this week). you can definitely get a lot of nutrients through eating, but it can be really difficult to get all the nutrients you need. vitamins definitely shouldn't replace finding healthy food options, but they're a great way to supplement your overall well-being.

the cool people over at cotopaxi created this cool infographic with tons of ideas to lead a healthier life. cotopaxi encourages its customers to get outside, stay active and do something good each day, which i can definitely get behind. plus, they donate a percentage of the sales from their hiking backpacks to organizations that support global health initiatives. plus they look real cool.
it's important to stay healthy, especially when we're on the go so often. what do you do to stay healthy?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

on sadness

it's been a really tough few weeks here. i don't mean personally, but i do mean personally. with all the things currently happening in america, it's hard to not feel like there's a weight sitting on my shoulders. that we're not doing enough. that things are bleak.

it feels all too much. with everything that's happening in regard to sexual assault and brock turner and people denying that rape culture exists, my heart is so heavy. it feels so futile to try to champion the end of rape culture when i write something like this on facebook:

"Rape culture is real and it's present and if you refuse to acknowledge it, you're perpetuating it. I shouldn't constantly be on high alert with my keys prepared like a dagger when I walk around at night. I shouldn't have had to take self-defense classes as an 18-year-old if men weren't also being educated on how to NOT sexually assault their peers. The answer isn't addressing binge drinking on campuses (that's something different entirely). It's about teaching our youth to respect women and treat them as human beings at ALL times."

and someone (a woman!) comments back that they don't agree that rape culture is a thing. mostly because they don't understand, but my GOD it pains my soul. and it leaves me wondering, what's the point? why do i spend the time trying to educate people if they don't want to see the truth?

and then more senseless gun crimes. to big senseless gun crimes. to the biggest mass shooting in US history. and yet, i see all over my facebook feed and twitter timeline that we don't have a gun control problem in this country. that it's this and it's that and let's blame this person and that person and HOW ABOUT WE ALL JUST TAKE SOME BLAME. some blame that we've allowed ourselves to continue living in a culture that allows so much hate. that allows easy access to firearms. that keeps its activism to a few facebook statuses and tweets asking for prayers.

it's enough to just break a girl. it wasn't that long ago that i wrote this post, and everything i said then stands now. let's stop praying for it to end, and actually doing something. call someone. write someone. do something nice for someone. anything.

i'm tired of being sad. and i hope you are too. and i hope together we do something to end this sadness.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

spin less, R/DE more

so i've felt like a little bit of a fraud for a while now. i keep sharing all these things i like to do in boston and i work for two local businesses, but i was constantly going to a spin studio that was a big franchise and not tied to anything boston. i felt like such a liar! a phony! and i liked so many studios in boston, but i never felt super connected to any of them. but that changed recently when i discovered b/spoke studios. walking into b/spoke and taking classes felt like going home.
so when the studio put out a call looking for ambassadors, i threw my hat in the ring because i figured it was worth a shot. and much to my surprise, they liked me enough to offer me a spot! i'm super jazzed to be among the first brand ambassadors for b/spoke!

what does all this mean? well first and foremost, it means a cool discount for you. if you're new to the studio, or haven't visited in a while, drop GUESTOFBYER as a discount code and you'll get 25% off your class. and i'm hoping to do a lot of cool events, which i'll obviously keep you all in the loop about. first and foremost? bones 'n beats on sunday, june 12! book a ride, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward save a dog, inc. added bonus! you'll get to meet some nice pups!

i'm super excited to represent such an amazing company and share so much of it with you all!