the best superfood snack break

i've been on the go lately (slash let's be honest, all the time). between working, training for a half marathon, and traveling, it feels like it's been nonstop for the last few months. it can be tough to find food i can bring with me that gives me all the nutrients i need, but shine organics has made it way easier.
Shine Organics
shine organics is way more than a snack. each pouch contains a special blend of organic, super ingredients, made to give you everything you need. and the best part, it features all the best ingredients — real fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, and nutritious superfoods. i spotted mine at my local target (right by the applesauce!), and since i started incorporating it into my routine, life hasn't been the same.

it makes the perfect snack to pull out before i head into a meeting thanks to its resealable top. if i can't finish everything before i head out, i'll just close it up and save the rest for later. it's also super convenient to snack on as i leave the gym and head back to my office. i can eat it with one hand and check my phone with the other and sometimes use my eyes to make sure i'm not walking into people. sometimes.
Shine Organics Pouch
plus i love how compact the pouches are! they fit into my purse, my backpack, my gym bag, even in my jean jacket pocket. portability is key (especially when it comes to snacks).

if you want to try them for yourself, i've got you a sweet coupon to make this super affordable healthy treat even more tempting! so head on over to your local target and throw them into your cart and then shop for a million other things you definitely need like five boxes of annie's mac and cheese, like i did.

don't judge.
Shine Organics at Target

on getting a divorce in your twenties

this post was hard. really, truly, unbearably hard. but i know i'm not alone in this, and i know it sucks. so here are just some personal bits of advice on going through a divorce. if you want to chat more, shoot me an email at i'd love to chat.

it's probably not a surprise by now, but last year i went through a divorce. if you're new here: hi, i'm alex. i'm 29 and last year i got a divorce. getting a divorce is alienating enough, and going through it in your 20s feels extra hard. watching friends develop new relationships, get engaged, get married! and there i was, watching my relationship fall apart.

it wasn't easy, and i don't love dwelling on it, so this is probably the last time i'll talk about this on here. but i wanted to provide a bit of advice. because maybe you're going through it too. or your long-term relationship is also crumbling. i don't know. i just know i searched high and low to find women who went through the same thing to find proof that i'd be ok. that i made the right decision. that i wouldn't die under the weight of sadness, being alone and (to be completely honest) embarrassment. and i want you to know you won't either.

cooling off with my/mo mochi

the weather has been hot hot hot lately here in boston. temperatures keep rising, the humidity is intense, and i'm looking for any and all ways to cool off. thankfully, i have weekends back for the first time in two years, so i've been heading to the water to keep myself cool on saturdays and sundays. but the rest of the week? i'm letting myself indulge in a few sweet treats, including my new favorite, my/mo mochi.
My/Mo Mochi
i've loved mochi for a long time. i've grown up with mochi, and my nieces always love topping their froyo treats with mochi. basically, mochi is life. but up until now, i've always had to go to asian grocery stores in order to buy it. it worked out, but it wasn't ideal. but now i can buy my favorite sweet treat in local grocery stores.

so what's so great about my/mo mochi? it's hard to describe. i love the soft dough on the outside. it's traditional sweet rice dough that feels a little squishy but is also great for keeping the ice cream inside cold without melting in your fingers. it's the perfect handheld snack to pass around at a party. and the ice cream inside? perfectly smooth and exactly the kind of ice cream you're looking for on a hot day.
Cookies and Cream My/Mo Mochi
while i love all flavors of mochi, my absolute favorite is the cookies & cream my/mo mochi. it tastes just like my favorite ice cream, but is in a perfect size for a quick snack. plus at 110 calories per piece, i don't feel any guilt when i eat it! it satisfies my sweet tooth just right.
Cookies and Cream Mochi
have you tried mochi yet? make sure you check the my/mo mochi website to see where you can find some close to you!

things to do in boston this summer

sweet sweet summertime is upon us, and it's time to get out and do some fun stuff. while a lot of people opt to leave boston during the summer to head down the cape or out to nantucket, there are plenty of activities in the city that are worth sticking around for! here are a few of my favorites.
+ it's no surprise that i love the street. i've shopped there forever and i've loved watching it grow. summertime at the street has tons of amazing events for the whole family, including a totally revamped focus on fitness. and you KNOW i love me some fitness (especially when it's free)! every sunday at 9:30am they're hosting yoga on the green and every tuesday at 7pm they're hosting kick it by eliza with emily crocker. i've yet to do a kick it class, but this is the perfect opportunity for me to try it out! will i see any of you there?

+ if you can't get out of the city to cool off at the beach, there are tons of pools in the city to visit for a quick dip (and to get a tan)! the colonnade in back bay has a pretty killer rooftop pool, and so does the revere hotel on the common. last summer i visited the clubs at charles river park for a day and had a blast. it's pretty quiet, the pool is clean and there's tons of place. plus there's an adorable jugos pop up there!

+ in the summer i like to visit my old standbys for a nice blast of AC. the museum of fine arts and the isabella stewart gardner museum are two of my absolute favorites and both have great exhibits going on throughout the summer.
+ and if you're looking for something to do after work, bar boulud in the mandarin oriental is the place to be. all summer long monday through wednesday 4:30-6:30pm you can get $1 oysters at the bar, in the lounge or on the terrace. they also have an exceptional rosé list, so you can't go wrong with a little oyster happy hour!

that's just a taste of all the boston attractions i love in the summer; what are some of your favorites?

#knowyourself with good&co

did you ever take personality tests? you know, the ones that can help you learn more about the way you interact with others? i'm obsessed with them. i love what they can teach you about yourself. so when the opportunity came up to work with good&co to learn more about my working style, i couldn't pass it up.
good&co is an innovative new app that allows you to take quizzes to help you learn about your working personality. once you take the first quiz, you unlock your custom Strengths Card and discover in-depth insights into your work style and compatibility with other users and companies. each quiz you complete after that offers more in depth insights.
so what did i learn about myself? some of it was well-known to me (i'm an introvert), but i like learning how i can better work with others, how to succeed in my career, and how to become a better leader and improve the overall culture of my workplace.

i think knowing this kind of information is invaluable when it comes to the workplace. the more i learn about myself as an introvert, the better i can lead my team without burning myself out. before i truly started embracing myself as an introvert, i often tried to do too much at work. i couldn't understand why i got so frustrated with people after long periods in a brainstorm session or why i often felt rundown and tired at work. once i realized i needed time to myself to recharge, i became an effective leader. i had clearer ideas and my plans came together more cohesively. everything clicked!
download the app today and learn more about your working style! who knows, maybe this will be the key to the next step in your career!

what to wear to boston calling

this post is in collaboration with boston calling. big thanks to the rad people who help me keep this blog going!

it's my favorite time of year: boston calling is right around the corner (literally, on friday), and the city is buzzing getting ready for chance the rapper, bon iver, run the jewels and so many more amazing artists. i. am. so. pumped.

i've been to my fair share of boston calling's in the past, so this year i thought i'd give everyone a bit of advice for the three-day festival. not about which acts to see (though if you'd like that recommendation i can certainly give it to you), but about the more important things in life. like, you know, what to wear. i'm a veteran when it comes to this. last year it went from 100 degrees and sunny on saturday to 50 degrees and drizzly on sunday. i've been to this festival in the pouring rain, seen chilly nights and gotten a few sunburns. honestly, i've seen it all.

thankfully, the weather this year seems to be cooperating nicely (looks like 70s-80s and sunny!), so here are a few outfit ideas to keep you comfy and stylish.

cycling with ease with TIEM

i was provided complimentary TIEM cycling shoes in exchange for this review. all opinions are my own.

if you know me even just a little bit, you know i love spinning. i've been an amabssador for b/spoke studios for the last year, and i've dragged a fair number of my friends to try spinning with me over the years. but even with that dedication, i didn't have my own pair of spinning shoes.

most studios provide complimentary shoes, so i never really thought twice about getting my own. that is until i saw the stylish cycling shoes from TIEM. they aren't the clanky, clickity shoes i wear around my studio normally. these are cycling shoes that look like, well, ultra hip sneakers.
TIEM cycling shoes
i was a little skeptical at first glance. how could a shoe that looked just like a street shoe actually be a good cycling shoe? but the clips are hidden away in the bottom of the sole, making it easy to go straight from the street to class without having to change your shoes.
TIEM review
the shoe is sleek and secure. there's one wide velcro strap that keeps your foot secure throughout your ride. i've never felt wobbly wearing these in my class, and i love that i can hop right off the bike and out of the studio at the end of class. i get to avoid the crazy line to sit down and change shoes, and no one on the street can tell that i've just come from a cycling class (though i'm sure my drenched hair and beet red face give it away).
TIEM cycling shoe review
these are, by far, the best looking cycling shoes out there. the colors are stylish and sporty, and they're super comfortable to walk around in throughout the day too. plus, no more sweaty shoes from the studio! i know cycling shoes are cleaned in between classes, but i like knowing i'm the only one sweating in these cute shoes.
TIEM shoes
what are you waiting for? get yourself a pair asap! you won't regret it.

all photos by sarah blair wilson

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