48 hours in paris

i never thought i wanted to go to paris.

it seems sacrilegious to write that, but it's the truth. i didn't feel the draw to paris. i felt a draw to burgundy, to bordeaux. to the countryside. but paris? it didn't do it for me. so when i started planning my european vacation to tack onto the end of my work trip to berlin, i struggled with where to go. traveling within the EU is relatively inexpensive, and i figured if the main part of my travel was taken care of, it was a good time to see what the fuss of paris was all about. so i booked just over 48 hours in paris.

links lately

so you're telling me it's december? this is insanity. i have just a few weeks left to get gifts and it moderately stresses me out but it also means holiday lights and winter strolls and CHRISTMAS SONGS so bestill my heart.
+ if you're looking for fun things to do this weekend, airbnb created a list of things to do in boston and restaurants to visit, curated by locals! lot of super good recommendations in there.

+ it's no secret that i love ina gartn a lot. like a lot a lot. this in-depth interview with her is everything i've ever dreamed of.

+ joe biden eats ice cream is the best tumblr i've found in a long long time.

+ i posted this on my personal facebook earlier this week, but texas is now requiring burials or cremations for aborted fetuses. this is a gross invasion of a woman's personal health care decision, and it disgusts me to no end.

+ the hawthorne, one of my favorite bars in boston, is hosting its annual holiday pop up! it started last monday, but i'll be there this monday sipping on some lovely bevvies and getting some of my christmas shopping out of the way. hope to see you there!

+ keep an eye on the blog next week! i'll be releasing a few fun things, including my first installment in my healthy makeup series, and my guide to 48 hours in paris!

i hope you all have a lovely weekend!

on clean makeup (a primer)

eh possibly a shocker for some, but maybe not for others, but i love makeup. i don't wear it all the time, but i appreciate how it can polish a look and accentuate your best features. i've been playing with makeup for years; in college, i was always helping my friends with their makeup before we went out. i did my own makeup for every prom and formal. i'm definitely not an expert, but i've learned a lot about makeup and applying it in my ~15 years of wearing it.
and now that i've been at follain for 18 months, i feel like i've learned that much more about healthy makeup and how to use it well. when it comes to natural makeup, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

on finding intention (+ links)

the holiday season has crept up rather quickly and quietly this year, but here we are a few days before thanksgiving, the official kickoff to the holiday season. from here until new years eve, it feels like we're in a sprint to the finish.
my whole goal for this year has been re-centering and slowing down, and i'm trying to implement that now more than ever. i don't want to spend the rest of 2016 frazzled and stressed. so i'm trying to find grace in everything i do. being graceful and gracious. having intention behind my actions. i don't want to do things this holiday season just to do it. i want to do things because it matters. it matters to me, to other people, and it adds something to the world.

i'm going to be launching a series of gift guides soon, and the underlying theme will be intention. because i don't know about you, but i'm too old for gifts for the sake of gifts. plus i live in a studio and i don't have room for shit. so. intention. be on the lookout!

and since this is a short week and i'm still battling jetlag from my trip (more on that soon too!), here are some links to lead you into the holiday weekend!

 + shopping psa: 25% off your whole madewell purchase with the code thatsale. i have my eyes on this madwell x sezane dress.

+ have you ever seen an upside down christmas tree? they're really cool, and we wrote allllll about the history of them at work. 10/10 do recommend checking it out ;)

+ i bookmarked this article about photographer devin allen, but i haven't had a chance to read it yet. i'm hoping to get through it this weekend.

+ stretching is super important, and this week's b/spoke journal article is all about the best stretches to incorporate into your daily routine. also! if you want to grab a class this holiday season, your first class is on me with the code GUESTOFBYER. let's spin together!

+ um also i'm jonesing for these glitter flats from j.crew for holiday. gimme.

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

the one question that changed how i live my life (#Ownyourtomorrow)

you know, it's true what they say: life is just too damn short. i've been experiencing that feeling a lot lately, and it's forcing me to reevaluate how i want to spend my days. and there's been one question that's been guiding me to this very moment.

am i doing everything i can to make myself happy?

for a very long time, i wasn't focusing on myself and what makes me happy. rather, i was trying my hardest to make everyone else happy, and using that was fuel for my happiness. but making other people doesn't really make me happy.

on this election season

i wish i had more to say today. i wish i had the words to make things better. i wish i could tell you what to say to your children, your daughters, your siblings, your immigrant parents, to make it all better. i wish i was more eloquent. i wish i was at home, that i wasn't separated from all my people by an ocean. i wish a thousand things and nothing all at once.

i wish this was all a dream.

i stayed up almost all night watching the results pour in, alone in my hotel room in a city where i know next to no one. i cried alone. i've cried all day. and i'm not sure when i'm going to stop feeling like this. if i'll ever stop feeling like this.

i feel as though america, the place my mother immigrated to in order to live a better life, has failed us all. it has failed women. it has failed people of color. it has failed the lgbtq community. it has failed in delivering basic human rights. democracy has failed.

but, even with all of this sadness, we need to move forward. i've joked about staying in germany forever. i'm guilty of thinking that running will be an easy way to fix this scenario. but it's not the right way. the way to fix this is to work harder and fight louder for equality. to make your voice heard in order to protect our rights, our country and our economy. we've become somewhat of a lazy generation. we say we're going to do a lot, but we're very passive in our support. we cannot afford to be passive anymore. we must take action.

i don't think i had much of a point in coming here and writing all this. but i hope you hold your loved ones tight and you ask for help when you need it. it's a hard time to even exist, but you shouldn't keep it bottled up. call your family. text your friends. if you see someone who needs a hug, ask if you can give them one. and if you need one? ask for one.

we're all in this together.

i've also been bookmarking some good thoughts throughout the internet. you can read them here, here and here.

links lately

hey what's up hello! i've given my site a little makeover; let me know if anything looks wonky for you or if you hate it or love it or WHATEVER. i'm super excited about it, especially the fact that it's now mobile friendly! HOORAY! you'd think someone who works with blogs and the internet all day would have had this ish taken care of ages ago. but hey, i'm lazy. it's been a little while since i shared some links, but there's a lot of exciting stuff happening and i just wanted to share it all with you!
first and foremost though, thank you so much for all your kind words/thoughts/messages lately. i know shit's been weird up in here, but we're getting back on track and i have lots of exciting content coming your way.

secondly, i'm heading off on a little adventure, and i highly recommend following along on instagram or snapchat (@alexhubbardsays) for updates!

now, onto the links!

+ my co-worker and really talented friend joe brottman has launched a kickstarter for his children's book, peep! it's a very interesting concept (a wordless children's book) that's meant to transcend language and cultural differences to tell a story through illustrations. if you've got a few dollah dollah bills to spare, i highly recommend backing this amazing project!

+ tonight is the mfa overnight here in boston! your admission is free and the party goes all night long! i'll be there for a few hours, so let me know if you're planning to swing by!

+ one of my favorite coats of the season from madewell is on super sale. you definitely will want to pick this up; i can see it easily transitioning from fall to winter!

+ speaking of clothes, i'll be living in these j.crew tissue turtlenecks all winter long. perfect for layering or wearing on their own! i also grabbed a striped version because of course i did.

+ and something to read! i really liked this look into one of boston's worst tragedies that no one really knows about. it was really well reported, and overall a very interesting read.

have a beautiful weekend! i hope you enjoy the fall weather and do something meaningful and fulfilling with your extra hour on sunday! or, you know, sleep. no judgments.

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