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did you ever take personality tests? you know, the ones that can help you learn more about the way you interact with others? i'm obsessed with them. i love what they can teach you about yourself. so when the opportunity came up to work with good&co to learn more about my working style, i couldn't pass it up.
good&co is an innovative new app that allows you to take quizzes to help you learn about your working personality. once you take the first quiz, you unlock your custom Strengths Card and discover in-depth insights into your work style and compatibility with other users and companies. each quiz you complete after that offers more in depth insights.
so what did i learn about myself? some of it was well-known to me (i'm an introvert), but i like learning how i can better work with others, how to succeed in my career, and how to become a better leader and improve the overall culture of my workplace.

i think knowing this kind of information is invaluable when it comes to the workplace. the more i learn about myself as an introvert, the better i can lead my team without burning myself out. before i truly started embracing myself as an introvert, i often tried to do too much at work. i couldn't understand why i got so frustrated with people after long periods in a brainstorm session or why i often felt rundown and tired at work. once i realized i needed time to myself to recharge, i became an effective leader. i had clearer ideas and my plans came together more cohesively. everything clicked!
download the app today and learn more about your working style! who knows, maybe this will be the key to the next step in your career!

what to wear to boston calling

this post is in collaboration with boston calling. big thanks to the rad people who help me keep this blog going!

it's my favorite time of year: boston calling is right around the corner (literally, on friday), and the city is buzzing getting ready for chance the rapper, bon iver, run the jewels and so many more amazing artists. i. am. so. pumped.

i've been to my fair share of boston calling's in the past, so this year i thought i'd give everyone a bit of advice for the three-day festival. not about which acts to see (though if you'd like that recommendation i can certainly give it to you), but about the more important things in life. like, you know, what to wear. i'm a veteran when it comes to this. last year it went from 100 degrees and sunny on saturday to 50 degrees and drizzly on sunday. i've been to this festival in the pouring rain, seen chilly nights and gotten a few sunburns. honestly, i've seen it all.

thankfully, the weather this year seems to be cooperating nicely (looks like 70s-80s and sunny!), so here are a few outfit ideas to keep you comfy and stylish.

cycling with ease with TIEM

i was provided complimentary TIEM cycling shoes in exchange for this review. all opinions are my own.

if you know me even just a little bit, you know i love spinning. i've been an amabssador for b/spoke studios for the last year, and i've dragged a fair number of my friends to try spinning with me over the years. but even with that dedication, i didn't have my own pair of spinning shoes.

most studios provide complimentary shoes, so i never really thought twice about getting my own. that is until i saw the stylish cycling shoes from TIEM. they aren't the clanky, clickity shoes i wear around my studio normally. these are cycling shoes that look like, well, ultra hip sneakers.
TIEM cycling shoes
i was a little skeptical at first glance. how could a shoe that looked just like a street shoe actually be a good cycling shoe? but the clips are hidden away in the bottom of the sole, making it easy to go straight from the street to class without having to change your shoes.
TIEM review
the shoe is sleek and secure. there's one wide velcro strap that keeps your foot secure throughout your ride. i've never felt wobbly wearing these in my class, and i love that i can hop right off the bike and out of the studio at the end of class. i get to avoid the crazy line to sit down and change shoes, and no one on the street can tell that i've just come from a cycling class (though i'm sure my drenched hair and beet red face give it away).
TIEM cycling shoe review
these are, by far, the best looking cycling shoes out there. the colors are stylish and sporty, and they're super comfortable to walk around in throughout the day too. plus, no more sweaty shoes from the studio! i know cycling shoes are cleaned in between classes, but i like knowing i'm the only one sweating in these cute shoes.
TIEM shoes
what are you waiting for? get yourself a pair asap! you won't regret it.

all photos by sarah blair wilson

W.E.L.L. Summit 2017

ooooh guys i have some exciting news! early bird tickets for the 2017 W.E.L.L. Summit are on sale! haven't heard of the W.E.L.L. Summit? well let me tell you a little bit about it.
the W.E.L.L. Summit is the premiere conference promoting a 360 degree view of wellness. from physical to spiritual to mental, this conference covers it all. the video from last year's event gives me legit chills every time i watch it. and i've watched it a fair amount. slash a lot. i've watched it a lot. this year's event will be hosted in new york city in november, and i'm SO excited to finally be able to attend!
the best part of the summit is how it promotes self-improvement and empowers attendees to achieve their goals. it also gives attendees the opportunity to participate in intimate sessions with some of the top wellness professionals; the past this has included josh rosebrook, follain's founder tara foley, and so many more inspiring and beautiful people. it truly is a one-of-a-kind event.

this year's speakers include ksenia avdulova from breakfast criminals, yoga teacher katheryn budig and yoga teacher/author sara divello! plus the swag bag is top notch, always. and you know your girl loves a good swag bag.
now is the time to snag your ticket! early bird prices are only good through april 28 and then they'll go up, so if you're on the fence you should probably change your mind riiiiiight now! so we can hang out together! and have the most fun.

W.E.L.L. Summit 2017
new york, ny
november 3-4

all photos provided by the w.e.l.l summit

on being present

again again, it's been so long. i've been so busy. and it's not that there aren't things i want to share here, it's that i'm more mindful of being present.
White Mountains Hike
photo by sarah blair wilson
it's very easy to get caught up in screens and everything that's going on outside of what i'm doing. it's easy to take myself out of moments trying to document everything on some sort of screen. it's easy to try to preserve all my memories somewhere instead of just enjoying them.

it's hard to be present, which seems silly. but it's true! it can be so easy to take yourself out of a moment by pulling out a phone, snapping a photo, making a mental note to remember everything because you'll have to write about it later. and while i think there are still instances where this is important (hi, events for businesses i'm passionate about), this isn't how i want to live my life.

someone made a comment to me recently that they knew i was truly happy and enjoying myself because i didn't pull out my phone once. i didn't want to take myself away from anything i was doing by trying to capture it in a frame. and maybe one day i'll look back and be sad i don't have pictures from this thing or that, but i have memories and isn't that even better?

a lot of this feels like incoherent rambling, but it's important that i put this out there. i started this blog nearly seven years ago to document things, and it's evolved past that. it's so nice for me to look back on a lot of memories, but at the same time it can be a little...sad sometimes to relive the little mundane things. so much of my life has changed, especially in the last year, and i haven't documented the vast majority of it. reality hit me in the gut real hard, and i realized how much of my life people have been privy to. and i don't want that anymore. i don't want people to know every last thing about me because it's important to keep some things private and to actually experience life and all of its ups and downs. every tear, every laugh, i need to be present for.

and so, when i'm here, i'm present with you. and when i'm off living life, i'm present there too.

on planning a vacation (with the help of square cash)

i've kind of been on a travel binge lately. i want to go everywhere and anywhere, alone and with my friends. i traveled to new york city in january, florida in february and LA in march. april is going to be a little more tame (for now!), but i'm in the midst of planning my next big trip with three of my closest girlfriends: a trip to joshua tree in september!
it can be tough to plan trips with friends. when it comes to renting a house, a car and splitting meals, it can feel stressful to make sure everyone pays their share can be stressful! but using square cash makes it easy.
one of our friends booked our airbnb and splitting it four ways was super easy using the app. some other apps require you to wait to deposit money into your bank account, but square cash offers instant deposits into your account. plus its design is minimal and clean, which is way more aesthetically pleasing to me.

now we don't have to be those people at the restaurant who try to split a bill between four credit cards; we can just put the tab on one credit card and then square cash the money over right away. easy peasy.
even in every day life, i love using the app. my friends can send me money for picking them up coffee (or the same shirt i just bought), and we don't need to worry about finding cash or checks. plus for busy parents, paying a babysitter has never been easier!

square cash is definitely a game-changer and takes a bunch of stresses out of planning a trip with friends. you'll never worry about paying someone back again! make sure you download the square cash app from the app store or the google play store today!

on winter styling and jord watches (+ a giveaway!)

it's been a minute, hasn't it? i got super caught up in working and traveling and just living in the moment that time has gotten away from me. i have so much to catch up on, but i wanted to talk about winter styling and jord watches.
my winter style is pretty simple: skinny jeans, boots (depending on the weather: bean boots, knee-high boots or ankle booties) and a sweater. it keeps me warm and fashionable, and can easily go from work to events. for me, simple is best.

but i've been spicing up my style lately thanks to my new wooden watch from jord. it's been a long time since i wore a watch that wasn't a running watch, but when the folks from jord reached out and asked if i'd like to try out styling one of their stunning women's watches, i couldn't pass it up.
i love wearing this slim watch over a slim sweater as a way to break up the monotone color. my poor arms have been aching to get some sun or show any sort of skin, but this winter has been particularly chilly. layering my watch over my sweater has been a fun way to change things up.
and i equally love how it looks with my chunkier knits. i always lean toward 100% cotton chunky sweaters (because i'm allergic to wool), and i love having the warm wood peek out from under my sleeve. plus, it feels like a real power move to pull up my sleeve to check the time rather than pulling out my phone.

and great news! the kind folks at jord are offering my readers the chance to win $100 to their shop! you'd best get to entering! everyone who enters will also get $25 off their order, so get on in there! the contest ends march 5th, and the winner will be contacted by email. best of luck!

this post was sponsored by jord, but all opinions are my own.
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