accidents happen

The boyfriend found a stain on his favorite shirt this morning, and apparently he tried to get it out. He was in a rush, so he left detergent on the stain thinking that would just take it out and left. He didn't tell me this, so I thought he had just put some water on it. Welp, I noticed it had turned into a stain when I got home, and that's when I realized that it was laundry detergent. I hand washed it and tried to get it all out, but it kind of bleached out where it had been sitting. Ugh. Anyone know if this is fixable? (Please tell me it is; he keeps looking at me with sad eyes telling me it's his favorite shirt.)

In other news, I agreed to the day from hell tomorrow. I'm working my regular job until 5, and then I'm going into the Gap from 5:30-close (which is 9:30...ugh). I'm pretty sure I might collapse. Let's hope I make it out alive tomorrow. The boyfriend was kind enough to make me dinner to bring with me tomorrow so I can attempt to actually eat like a real person even though I don't have any time to myself. Blah.

This has been my snackfood of choice lately:

DE-LISH. Seriously. Addictive. I've eaten a whole bag in two days. BUT SO GOOD. Om nom nom.

And last night I think I hit the proverbial brick wall of emotion. The wall won. I don't want to say all of the details because, I don't know, it still feels very personal. And since then I've felt very down on myself; sometimes I feel like it's really difficult to come out of those ruts. But I'm determined to make this a better week. I will not let the BWE (I like acronyms...I also just had to ask the boyfriend what word I was looking for when I said acronyms) take over me.

And (because I don't like ending on sad notes) this place was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives last night:

It's Rino's Place in East Boston. Good LORD does their food look fantastic. Lobster-stuffed raviolis. That's all I need to say.


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