I really want to go somewhere. Not that I don't love where I am (I live in the CUTEST town), my new job (obsessedobsessedobsessed), my boyfriend (well, I'd take him with me if I went somewhere), or our beautiful new apartment (it looks a lot more put together since my first tour, I'll do another tour once all of the paintings are up and curtains are hung... get back to me in 6 months). I just have the strong desire to go somewhere different. See something new.

Ideally, I'd like to pack up a duffel and run away to Europe and explore all of the history that is thriving there. I want to fly into Hong Kong at night with the city lights surrounding and engulfing me as I land. I want to experience something new and exciting (though things have been new and exciting in my new town since I know nothing about it... I digress).

I'd even like getting out of the state for a weekend. Escaping to some little bed and breakfast somewhere in the mountains and exploring the local hangouts and taking some spectacular photos. Something like this:

Just something different. Beautiful. An escape from the every day.

Wouldn't that just be a dream?

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