halloween weekend

Holla! I love Halloween. Last year, I spent Halloween in Austin and had the BEST time ever. I was on a wicked nerdy newspaper conference for the university paper, but I knew I was still going to go out and enjoy the holiday. Fact: I was the only one out of the five of us there who dressed up. I also met this guy:

Yeah. I was pumped.

Also, I really miss my long hair. Ugh.

This Halloween, I'm going to be this guy:

Get pumped for photos. The boyfriend's being a golfer. We don't do matching costumes. Actually, the boyfriend wanted me to recycle my sailor costume of '09 so he could be a sailor too. I said no. I don't recycle costumes.

In other news, Dolly got a mini photoshoot today.

That's her and her little reindeer toy. A-dorable.

Anywho, I hope you're having a marvelous and fun-filled Halloween weekend too!

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