inspiration hit. big time.

Remember all those posts where I said I'd write something inspirational? Well, here it is.

There were a couple news stories today that caught my eye and made it difficult for me to not say something. First, and foremost, I realize that today is the day that was put aside to wear purple to stand up to gay and lesbian bullying. Heck, my Tumblr dashboard is even purple. I did not wear purple today, but that does not mean that I do not think this is a worthy cause. I think that bullying is a serious issue that consistently needs to be addressed. I do not want people to use today as an excuse to stop caring about this tomorrow. Because, at the end of the day, bullying of all sorts is something we should not be tolerating. I have been deeply involved in the stories of teen bullying for quite some time now; I first wrote of it back in February after Phoebe Prince committed suicide. My first contact with bullying was when I was only 11 years old; a girl poked my protruding collar bone, said that meant I was anorexic and proceeded to tell everyone and anyone willing to listen that I was anorexic. At 11. That sort of behavior is something no child, regardless of sexual orientation, should have to face. Ever. So do me a favor: take the initiative upon yourselves to teach tolerance at every opportunity. We can do something to change this.

Then there was another story that caught my eye on CNN. Women's shelters across the country are being forced to close because of the poor economic condition of the United States. They have lost funding and can no longer provide the support necessary to keep their doors open. It's heartbreaking because for a lot of women, they have no where else to go. It takes a lot of courage for a woman in an abusive relationship to even walk away from that situation. It's hard. I've witnessed it first hand. And no matter how many people tell you you can do better, life will be better once this is behind you, it doesn't make it any easier. But, at one time, if a woman decided it was time to leave, at least she had somewhere to turn while she got herself back on her feet. But now, with so many shelters being forced to close, I'm afraid that many women won't leave because they don't have somewhere to go. I'm afraid that women will decide to stay with the abuse because there's no where near them where they can go to escape. It can be embarrassing to admit to families that this is how your life has turned out. Many women choose not to confide in their families when they are faced with this; many choose not to go to their families for fear that their partner will go there and hurt them as well. This perpetuation of domestic abuse hurts me down to the bone, and it makes me want to scream and cry for all of the women who are facing this every day.

Fortunately, the article does reference many things people can do to help end this cycle and contribute funds toward women's shelters. It includes Swap for Good, which hosts clothing swaps and then encourages the swappers to take the money they saved on shopping and donate them to women's shelters. Look out friends and family, this may be coming to you soon (or if someone would like to help me host one in the Boston area, let me know). My mother and I never had to go to a shelter, but knowing that there was that option certainly helped. And I want to make sure that every woman has that option. No one deserves to be living in any sort of pain, be it emotional or physical.

I could go on and on about how both of these topics make me feel, and how I want to end them. But I think you get the point. These instances are travesties by all accounts.

So hopefully I've said something here that will inspire you to make a difference or a change in your life or, more importantly, someone else's.

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