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Today was a big day. A VERY big day. Today, my Blackberry came.

Oh yeah. I'm pumped. I've been acclimating myself to it all afternoon/evening, and I think I'm finally starting to figure it out.

The boyfriend went out with his friends to the movies, so I've been home by myself. Fun and notsofun. I get pretty lonely pretty easily, and tonight is no exception. Mostly it's because I was home by myself all day too. This is why I never wanted to live by myself.

But, to make myself (and you) feel better (because I don't want anyone thinking I'm super sad or anything!), here's the dang cutest picture from last weekend when Dolly was here:

She's so cute. And I look like I'm 12.

This weekend is full of work (duh), and my best friend's birthday shindig tomorrow night. Holla!

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