So this weekend was uber busy. Between work and more work and playtime, the weekend flew by. Sad. Because now it's Monday, and we all know how I feel about Monday. Ugh.
On Friday I baked some pumpkin bread courtesy of Trader Joe's. Man I love that store. And the bread was slammin'.
Saturday was work work work at Gap, but I was a superstar and opened five Gap cards in my four hour shift. WILD. I got a $5 Starbucks gift card for being awesome. Sha-weet!
And then we went out for M's 23rd birthday. We went to the Eastern Standard, and we had awesome adult, classy drinks. It was fantastic. I'd suggest that if you're in the area, you hit up that bar.
From top left: 1) That's my favorite drink of all time. It's called a French 75. Drink that. 2) This is why A is my best friend. 3) Boyfriend and me! I represented the Gap real well. 4) I do thumbs up a lot. 5) Boyfriend plus Jameson and ginger. 6) Birthday girl plus boyfriend. Precious. 7) A plus boyf. We're all so cute. 8) The last two photos describe why M and I are biffles.
And then Sunday rolled around, and I worked some more. And then today my Jess LC jewelry came! Such a good turnaround time.
Bad lighting = notsogood photo, but I'm super excited to start wearing my jewelry. I'm sure it'll make quite the statement. I got the paisley bracelet and one of the Franklin necklaces; it says "Be Brave" in braille.
And I've started planning what I'm going to bake for Thanksgiving; that's going to be quite the adventure. I'm going to the boyfriend's family's place for the holiday, so that's kind of a big deal for me. He's been to a few holidays with my family, but I've never had a major one with them. While I know I shouldn't be nervous (I've known them forevaaaaaaaah), I am justalittle. Anyone else ever felt that way?

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