It's Friday. It's after 5 o'clock. That, my friends, means the weekend is finally here. Wahoooooo!

Now, I sort of cheated a little when it came to the weekend. My fabulous and wonderful new place of employment allows me to work from home every Friday, so I was home all day today. BUT I do have to work at the Gap (my OTHER place of employment) tomorrow and Sunday. Boo hissssssssss.

Many people know that I have three wonderful nieces whom I love with all of my heart. But I noticed that I don't have a single photo of any one of them on this Tumblr. So, in the spirit of the weekend and funtimes (and I still have nothing either inspiring or thoughtful to say), here are my beautiful babies :)

Here's me with the three little boogers
Me plus three little boogers.

Here's L, the youngest baby, with the boyfriend :)

This is O. She's 4. And she's pretty sassy.

This is E. She's 2, and she loves to om.

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