thanks for discovering america, columbus

Thanks to Christopher Columbus, most people had today off of work/school. I, on the other hand, did not. I did, however, get to work from home. So it's almost like I got a day off. But not.
In other, and definitely awesome, news: ANDREW HAS A TUMBLR! Yes, my very-much-so blogged about friend Andrew has finally launched his Tumblr. You can read about it (and, incidentally, me) here. He's a pretty fantastic writer, no matter what he says. He's my best friend. Read it. Also, the boyfriend has re-started his blog as well. I'm such an inspiration, I know. All the people I love in my life are blogging. I'm a winner. Anyways, he's right here. He's such a cutie.
Tonight, after I finished up working, I went and met my sister and her husband at the Natick Collection. I had bought O and E a bunch of clothes yesterday, but my sister wanted to exchange some of it. And she wanted to buy L some clothes too. So we met up, and buying ensued. I found these beautiful boots for E:

She looks so dang cute in them. She's so dang cute. All three of them are so dang cute. Evidence of this is here:
There's E, sitting on the floor. No big deal.
Here's L! I didn't buy this hat, but she's super cute in it!
And here's O, in the same hat haha!
We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and it was delicious. My sister got an awesome pear gorgonzola pizza, and I ended up with a BLT pizza. SO. GOOD. L and I played while we waited for food.
I ventured to CVS today during lunch, and I bought the boyfriend and myself some Reese's Big Cups. Here's the thing about Reese's: they're my favorite candy. EVER. And once Reese's came out with these beauties,

I knew I was done. Seriously. Once you have one of these awesome peanut butter cups, all other peanut butter cups will be unsatisfying. You just can't go back. And the little mini ones? Forget about it. It's annoying enough that you have to keep unwrapping them all in order to get a satisfying amount. Screw it. Spend the 89 cents and get a big cup. You won't regret it.

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