today, in list form

This photo has nothing to do with today. I just wanted to show you that sometimes I don't straighten my hair and sometimes I wear my glasses.

Today was...well...interesting. So the only way I can decipher if it was a good day or bad day is to break it down into a list.
+ I woke up more refreshed than I have felt all week
+ I finallyyyy ordered my Jess LC jewelry
+ My Blackberry was delivered today!!!
- I was not home to sign for my Blackberry, so I actually won't get it until tomorrow
+ Today was our Q3 celebration party at work (woot woot!)
- I could only stay for 15 minutes
+ I saw my friend L, whom I haven't seen in over a year
++ I went to a fabulous yoga class at Prana Power Yoga in Newton
+ I felt all sorts of good and wonderful when I left
--- Until I saw that my car had been towed (UGH.)
+ The boyfriend came to pick me up
-- Getting my car back cost a lot of moneyz :(
- After I got my car back, I locked my keys in the trunk
+ The tow man opened my car back up for me after telling me, "That sucks"
+ The boyfriend put a radio in the bathroom, so while I took a nice, relaxing hot shower, Alicia Keys serenaded me while I sudsed up.
+ I am now eating copious amounts of candy

So while one REALLY BAD thing happened to me today (hence all the minuses), today was a good day overall. And I will not let poopy people who tow my car ruin my good yoga mood.

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