almost there

It's almost the weekend. I'm almost there. I just need to make it through one more day...

...Who am I kidding? I have a half day tomorrow. Yaaaay! We're going away to Maine for the weekend to visit some friends and have a mini-vacation. I'm. So. Pumped.

Last night my friend C came over, and I cooked us dinner. I cooked a fantastic tuna and tomato sauce (C doesn't even eat tuna, but she couldn't even taste it) over rice pilaf. I love rice pilaf. It's just so fluffy and delicious. Yum. So we had a good time reminiscing about college over food and wine.

See, C and I used to hate each other. For no good reason. And then we were placed on staff together our sophomore year as RAs, and we realized we were being really dumb for hating each other. And we went through a lot of stupid petty drama together. A lot. And friends came and went, but we were always together. She's always been someone I knew I could rely on when things were bad, and I needed someone to lean on. And I've been the same for her.

She's the best friend I almost died with. And when I say this, I am not exaggerating. We literally almost got shot outside of our favorite college bar on a Saturday night last December. Straight up, best friends 'til the end. She's the best friend who told me she always knew me and the boyfriend would get back together. She's the best friend who saw through the sadness he and I felt and knew we were meant to be. She knows everything.

And now we live a town over from each other. And we're both happy with our lives, and we're happy having each other in our lives. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend.

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