That's Trisha's favorite word (or rather, my favorite word that Trisha says). We went to Maine and had an awesome time and then we came home and now it's back to the real world. Gross. But let's backtrack to how awesome this weekend was!
First: I baked. Again. I stumbled across this girl's blog from some other blogs I follow and found this cake. Sweet. Lord. It's Amazing. Simply amazing. And everyone liked it. So, for sure, this will be made again. Because it's THAT good.


So we made it to Maine in record time. Actually, it probably wasn't record time, but it seemed like record time to me. We stopped at the best liquor store in New Hampshire and everything was SO cheap. We were like kids in a candy store.

There are a lot of pictures from the weekend, but I won't post all of them because then you'd be reading the longest blog entry ever. But here are some of the highlights.
Trisha and Bobby have two dogs: (L) Charley and Nika (I'm pretty positive I just spelled her name wrong, but it's ok. She's awesome. And pretty. And part coyote. Holla at that!)
There was some wrestling...
Fact: somewhere under there is Trisha.
The ocean is always beautiful. No matter what.
If you can't tell from my MASSIVE scarf, it was pretty cold.
Royer conquered the ocean. He left pretty wet though.
We really love this dog. A lot.
We may or may not have bought a mini-keg of Twisted Tea. It may or may not be on Jon's head.
So yeah. That was Maine in a very abbreviated nutshell. It was a fantastic time with friends, and it was relaxing (which is all I wanted out of the weekend). We had fun, and it was nice to see our friends' place and explore somewhere new. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again sometime soon.

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  1. ok. you can't imagine how pleased i am right now. i never actually think that people make the stuff i make, so point for me. and, i'm liking your large scarf and lovely blog.


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