Oy. Tonight, the boyfriend and I were craving badforyouChinesefood. There is a difference between Chinese food and badforyouChinesefood. Chinese food is the type of stuff my family makes and involves no frying or deep grease or anything like that. Everything is light and fresh and awesome.

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And then there's badforyouChinesefood. You know, the kind from the takeout places that everyone grew up with. Most people call this Chinese food. But when you grew up in a Chinese household, you are not fooled; that is not the real deal.

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But there are some times in my life where I get a huge, ginormous, can't-ignore-it craving for badforyouChinesefood. That happened tonight. And oh. My. Goodness. I'm so glad I listened.

Of course, now I feel kind of like poop, and I just sort of want to curl up into a ball and succumb to a food coma. But alas, I won't. I'll come on here and tell you how much I love food.

Fact: I love food.

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