the early bird catches the worm

Here's something you should probably know about me: I have no patience. The boyfriend and I are celebrating our (official) one year anniversary next Wednesday. We're very excited (especially since it's so close to to Thanksgiving). Well, I got something very special for the boyfriend for this joyous occasion, and it arrived early. Actually, the lovely FedEx man delivered it today. While both the boyfriend and I were home. So we decided since it was already here, we might as well exchange our presents now (and because he spilled the beans that he already had my present too, and I don't want to wait knowing that there's something for me in this apartment. I'd probably go and find it and ruin everything if I didn't get it today).
Well, here's what I got:
I am in love with it. The boyfriend is very very very good and got something very delicate and dainty and beautiful. It's wonderful. And he got the new iPod touch (lucky lucky boy!). It's way cooler than my iPod touch, and I'm actually kind of jealous. I played with it. It's got a lot of really fun stuff in it.
We went out for dinner at Mandarin Cuisine in Needham, and it was om. Om nom nom. Deeeelish. If you're in the area, I highly suggest hitting them up for some Chinese food. And their wine was spot on.
And now, because we're tired and lazy and it's cold out, we're going to watch a movie. Wahoo! We're wild, I know.
Happy weekend!

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