get ready for it...

Today, I took the plunge. Actually, I didn't take any real plunge. But I DID cut my hair. Shorter. Again. Huzzah! Have a look!

Now, for those who know me, this hair is a shockah. Because I am the queen of long hair. LONG hair. Here was my hair six short months ago:
There's me. Blurry. But long hair. Here's a better one:
I'm the midge in the front (fact: I'm actually 5'7. Whyyyyy do I look so short?!). But look at that hair!
And now my hairz don't even touch my shoulders. My new hairdresser was very nice and made sure I could still pull my hair into a ponytail. I'll get another picture up when it's straightened, since that's how the whole world sees me every day.

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