greatest weekend ever

Yep. I'll call it the greatest weekend ever. Why, you may ask? Because I FINALLY got a day off. Woot woot! But even before that glorious day (Sunday), there was fun to be had.
Friday was a Halloween party at one of the boyfriend's friend's house. We dressed up for a test-run of our costumes, and here was the end result:
Awesome, if I do say so myself. And the dog in the corner is pretty funny. There were some pretty awesome costumes, like Justin Beiber and Duck Hunt (clever). Saturday was spent working during the day, and then some friends from college came to visit and we went out into the city for the night. We ended up at Tequila Rain, a bar on Landsdown. It started out pretty empty but got packed quickly. Good dance music. Lots of (notsowholesome) fun. And I saw a panda.
Happiest Asian ever.

And then Sunday came! And it was my day off! And we went back to Worcester to see my famalam for a few hours. Here's what happened (in a nutshell)...

L played.
L laughed
E and O dressed up in their costumes for me: Hershey Kiss and candy corn :)
I posed with the cuties
We posed with the cuties. Don't we look like a happy family? (Except they're not our kids. Don't get it twisted.)

And now it's Monday again, and I haven't eaten dinner yet so I'm cranky. But we have more Halloween candy left than I know what to do with. Much to my dismay, we only had one trick o' treater last night. Ugh. I'm disappointed. I like seeing cute little costumes. Maybe next year...

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