Today, I have officially moved my little baby blog over to its new home: here. So welcome. Again, haha! Today was a long day, and I'm actually quite tired. And I don't have a whole heck of a lot to say. are some pictures!

It's like two polar opposites, but I want them both in my apartment at the same time. Minus the cat.

Oh, actually, something exciting: I went out to dinner with my three best friends tonight. However, we failed to actually take a photo together because we were too busy catching up on each other's lives. We fail. Ugh.

Tomorrow is the boyfriend and mine's one year anniversary. Whoa. Wild. I'll have some thoughts on that at a later date (aka probably tomorrow while I wait for my Thanksgivin' pies to bake. Huzzah!).

I'm bringing huzzah back, bee tee dubs. Oh, and here's a fun picture of me, my hair and my sweet new belt.

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