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This is my 100th post! Woooooo let's celebrate!!

Actually, let's not. It's a Monday, and I have work tomorrow. I wish I could say I had something interesting to write about for this big day, but then I'd be lying to y'all. And I am an awful awful liar. So I have nothing exciting to write about.

I got my flu shot today, and now my arm is so ache-y I'm afraid it's going to fall off. Ouch. Maybe I'm a big baby, but it really hurts. But at least I (probably) won't get the flu! Hooray! I hope to avoid looking like this:

Image courtesy of Google Images. Holla.

In other news, I have had T.Swift's new album on repeat for the last...ten days or so. You'd think by now I'd be sick of it, but nopeeeeeeeee. I'm still in love. She's great.

Today it was dark before I left the office, which made me mildly depressed. I'm so glad I got that extra hour of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning, but it stinks leaving work at 5 in pitch blackness. Ugh. It's going to be a longggggg winter.

Apparently people saw snow today, which kind of makes me shudder. But people were like freaking out about it. Like "WTF SNOWWWW?!!??!?!?!" And it took all my might not to say, "Calm down. We live in New England. It's November. It's snowed before Halloween before. I reiterate: CALM DOWN." Oh well.

I apologize for my boring 100th post. I could tell you allllll about my fun and exciting weekend, but then I'd still be lying. I worked. I slept. I watched Into the Wild and succeeded in not crying. I'll work harder on getting a life.

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