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This is me, plus my panda (her name's Mai Ling)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I'm starting to prepare my stomach for the mass quantities of turkey, mashed potatoes and dessert. I made some things, but I feel like a complete baking failure. Fail fail fail. Why, you might ask? I didn't make a pumpkin pie.

Let's backtrack to what happened. I saw this really awesome (what I thought was) pumpkin pie recipe in a magazine. It used cream cheese, and, well, I love cream cheese. So I decided I'd make it for Thanksgiving with the boyfriend's famalam. I followed the directions today, mixing everything together and gave it a taste, and it tasted really rich. Like, really rich. But whatever, I thought, it's ok.

Well, I take a look at the actual recipe a little while later and, well, it doesn't say pumpkin pie. It says pumpkin cheesecake. I fail.

So now we're having a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. Hopefully no one banishes me forever for this stupidstupidstupid mistake.

Now, onto the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

- My loving (albeit crazy) family, who let me stick around and babysit my nieces as rent while I looked for a job/apartment
- My health (which I can never take for granted)
- My wonderful and fantastic boyfriend (who I've been with for exactly one year today. Huzzah! Happy anniversary!)
- My friends, who keep me sane
- The overall happiness in my life. Because while things are rough, and I certainly have my moments where I wonder if I should be on Prozac, I am a happy girl. And I am happy to be this way.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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