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Alright, so I had this plan to start a blog with one of my friends titled "Attention Shoppers." See, we both work in retail. Actually, we both work for the same store, in different locations. So we see a lot of the same type of people. But I couldn't wait to post this until that blog was made. So I'm posting it now.

This past weekend was the last full weekend for Christmas shopping. And I'm telling you, the crazies came out. ALL OF THEM. So I decided it was time to give my faithful readers a few tips on how to make your shopping experience (and your fantastic sales associates) fun and happy.

Attention Shoppers

1. Do NOT, under any circumstances, pick up an entire pile of sweaters and flip them over onto the floor to find your size. Fact: this has happened before. And it's damn annoying.
2. If you're looking for a shirt/sweater/sweatshirt/pair of jeans/ANYTHING and you see a sales associate folding at the table, ask us to help you get your size. We are MORE than willing to get it for you. Because we can get it without messing up the pile. And that, my friends, makes us the happiest of clams.
3. If a sales associate needs to go into the back room or stock room to look for your size, please stay in the general vicinity of where we left you. Honestly, we see a lot of faces during the day, and it's hard to figure out where you are when we left you in womens 1 and then you disappear to Body.
4. If you see a sales associate holding a cell phone, wallet, snack, drink or any combination of things that you normally don't see a sales associate holding on the sales floor, chances are pretty high that we are on a break. Please, for the love of denim, leave us alone.
5. In stores that have a brand credit card, it is generally (though I cannot confirm this for all stores) required that sales associates working at the register ask every single customer if they would like to open up a brand credit card. Do we want to ask this to every single one of you? Not really. But do we have to? Yes. So please, do us a favor and let us finish our question or sentence offering you the card and then kindly say, "No, thank you," with a smile. Seriously. Don't cut me off in the middle of my sentence.
6. If a cashier asks to see the back of your credit card, just give it to us. And if you didn't sign the back of your credit card, please be prepared to hand over your ID.
7. Say thank you. Seriously. And mean it. And smile. We like that.
8. Do not mock the clothes in the store. Chances are, we're wearing it. And we don't appreciate you telling us you think our clothes suck. There's nothing we can do about it.
9. Do not try to return worn merchandise. It puts us in an awkward situation of asking you why there is a food stain or why it smells like cigarette smoke.
10. Our return policies are printed on the bottom of the receipts. Please consult them before bringing merchandise back to the store. Thank you.

This is it for now, but it is more than likely that I will have another post similar to this in the future (especially since after Christmas comes the *dun dun dunnnnn* Christmas returns). So keep these tips in mind the next time you're in a store.

All of us in retail thank you.


  1. I worked at a clothing store for a few years and these couldn't be more true! I also had to ask for emails at the register and would always be soooo annoyed when customers would get upset or say rude things. I'm not asking for your email for my personal gain--I promise I won't email you from! ;)

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Alex! Holiday is the worst. I have, perhaps, one more to add. Have you ever had a customer walk into the store, already angry, ready to complain (and by complain, I mean yell) about something you had NOTHING to do with? I have, that really sucks. Sorry ma'am, I wasn't the one who shipped you a children's sweater instead of the cords you ordered, I don't work at the warehouse.

    Freeman Hall has a book called "Retail Hell: Confessions of a Tortured Sales Associate." It's full of hilarious stories about his time working in retail. You should check it out!


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