Christmas highlights

Christmas. It came. It's sort of still here. But it's on its way out the door. Here are some highlights (longer post + pictures to follow):
  • The boyfriend and I got facials on Thursday night. Fab-you-lous.
  • We saw "Black Swan" on Thursday night post-facials. It was even better.
  • We got plush microfiber sheets to keep us warm at night from the boyfriend's mama. They have a snowflake print. I'm pretty pumped to curl up in them tonight.
  • Went to Worcester and saw the famalamslam.
  • WE GOT A SLOW COOKER! And a fantastically wonderful set of wine glasses.
  • I got my slippers. And the boyfriend got new slippers. We're all sorts of slippered up.
  • Mama bear also gave me new slipper socks to replace the ones my washing machine ate the other day (longstory).
  • We had fantastic food, hung out with my beautiful nieces and got to hang with mah sissy pants and bro-in-law. Holla!
  • Mama bear cooked a fabulous dinner AND got a red velvet/cheesecake cake. Don't worry. There are pictures. I'll explain more later.
Pretty stellar Christmas, if I do say so myself. And now apparently a blizzard is on its way to Massachusetts, and it looks like I will be snowed into the apartment on Monday. It's a good thing I'm working from home.

I hope you all had a chance to spend the day with someone you love, and I hope that it was everything you dreamed it to be. I think the most important part of the holidays is not what we receive what we want, but that we get the relationships and the love we need and, quite honestly, deserve.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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