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So in all of the excitement of the weekend and the fun, I forgot to tell you all some really awesome news. The boyfriend got us tickets to go see one of our favorite artists on Friday! He surprised me.

We're kind of obsessed with this band State Radio. Chad Stokes, from Dispatch, is the lead singer, and they play some pretty stellar music. The boyfriend's seen SR a bunch of times, and I actually went to my first SR concert with him. And then this summer we got to see them at the Bank of America Pavilion. Did I mention we were fourth row? Yeah. We were fourth row. It was pretty awesome.

Awesomesauce seats.

So Chad has a side project, Calling All Crows. It's a huge community service project for musicians, and every year they host a benefit concert in December. And they bring in all of these awesome performers and Chad performs acoustically.

Well, the boyfriend went last year and told me all of these awesome things about it and, well, I was a little jealous. And then this year the boyfriend told me he didn't really want to see Chad perform acoustically and we'd wait for SR to tour again. And, well, I got kind of sad. Because I really wanted to go. But I let it go.

And then the other day the boyfriend asked me if I had plans for this Friday. And, well, I didn't. And he said that was good because we were going to the concert.

And I am the happiest girl in the world because I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. And we're going to listen to some amazing music. Together. And it's the best feeling. Ever.

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