attention shoppers part two

Text only. You've been warned...

Amid the crazy things that happened to me this weekend (namely, my email got hacked, and I freaked out so I changed all of my passwords), I came to the realization that the vast majority of shoppers (or shoppers who came into my store) did not read my very kind note to them.

Here's a fun fact: often times, customers think I am an idiot. Now, I do not mean all of my customers think I am stupid, but I have gathered that there are many of them out there who think I am just plain dumb. And when I say I, I mean us. All of us who work in retail. Many people who come into our stores think we are uneducated and that is why we are working in retail stores. Others think we are spoiled brats/housewives who simply work in retail for a little side project and a clothing discount.

While I am a huge fan of our discount, I am neither uneducated nor spoiled. Nor are the other people I work with. In fact, I have the privilege of working with some really intelligent people. Some have worked for our company for almost longer than I have been alive. Many have college degrees (and beyond), and many others are currently working toward them. Many have a talent for design and are responsible for the displays you see when you walk in the door.

See, it's not as simple as just standing around and ringing up your purchase. The dress shirt display with all of the sleeves rolled up? We had to do that. The pant sizing in our denim wall so you can easily find your size? We organized that.

I've had a lot of people talk down to me before, and I've seen it done to many of my coworkers. And I still can't understand how people could ever speak to another person like that. I've had a customer's degree shoved in my face, as if I'm some low-life who could never aspire to something so great. I've had coworkers called names you would only say to your worst enemy and been told that I am an awful worker.

Sometimes I want to scream at customers. I don't do this simply because I can. I do this because I have to. Customers with this sort of attitude don't care to realize that I did indeed graduate from college and am an online editor or that the girl next to me is a lawyer. Bet they didn't know that.

In the end, we're not allowed to say anything back to you if you do choose to insult us. We just smile and wish you a good day. If we weren't on the clock, I'm sure many of us (though I am not speaking for all...I'm mostly speaking for me) would have a few choice words back to you.

I guess I'm just concerned who taught some of these people to behave like this. That it is completely ok to turn to someone and tell them to pick things off of the floor (that they dropped, I might add), saying it's our job to do this and that's what we're paid to do. Who are their parents?! And it kills me when they come in with their own children and behave like this. The example being set isn't a good one.

Don't get me wrong, I love working at my retail store. I've been there for 3.5 years now, and it's been one of the best experiences to date. I've learned a lot about personal style and the value of aesthetics in a company. But people need to realize that the employees who are helping you find that t-shirt you want or the jeans you have to have are people too. And we, like all people in this world, deserve respect.

I'm off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening...err...reading.


  1. Let me know next time you're working so I can come knock things over then pretend to cry when you get mad at me.
    Then I'll do this on my way out:

  2. I'm so sorry that happens so often in retail. It does amaze me that anyone can act so rudely, but I see it all the time.


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