awkward and awesome friday

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program

- Meeting someone and immediately forgetting their name (like my new neighbor...yeah. Whoops...)
- Tripping over my own feet in the front of many people
- Forgetting to buy my sister's birthday present until...10 days after her birthday (sorry sister'll get it tomorrow)
- That new show "Skins" on MTV. I thought I'd give it a shot. Poor. Life. Decision.

- Going home this weekend to take this little muffin out for a date

- Ordering badforyouChinesefood with the boyfriend tonight :)
- Chinese New Year is next week! Holla!
- This puppy
- I was introduced to this by one of the most beautiful women I know. She is a winning her battle, and she always strives to make women understand how beautiful they really are. She has a heart of gold. And this project is a huge step to end Fat Talk. Do it. Love it. Here's one of the notes someone submitted to the site:

- Ordering this dress from Lands End Canvas for next to nothin'

- Having a really good cry sesh yesterday. For no reason.

Happy weekend!


  1. This little muffin is by far the cutest little muffin that I ever did see!!!

  2. This little muffin is by far the cutest little muffin that I ever did see!!!

  3. hi thank you so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment on my blog! I am glad you liked the necklace and went as far to look at the is a wonderful project my friend started.

    you have an adorable blog!

  4. AH cute dress!! and Skins is horrrrrible!

  5. Hi Alexandria, thanks 4 stopping by my blog. And I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one GUNG-HO excited about CNY!!! How are you celebrating this year?
    p/s um, and your lil munchkin is too cute 4 words.
    and I checked out that cute plaid dress (too bad they no longer have it in my size). What a steal!
    And I'm glad I've just found a fellow journalist blogger! I was a journalism major and worked for desktop journal for a year and did some tech writing for a couple years. Which mag/np do you work for?


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