awkward and awesome thursday

So Sydney over at The Daybook does this hah-larious list called "Awkward and Awesome" on Thursdays. Girl cracks me up EVERY TIME. Literally. So she's invited her readers to come along and share these fun things about themselves. And last week I was like, "Meh, I'll read what everyone else has to say. Maybeeee I'll do it." And then I didn't do it. Don't ask me why. It's not like I had anything earth-shattering to say myself.

So here I am. Doing it. Holla.

Awkward (antlers):
- Going to the grocery store the other night in my spinning spandex. Let me tell you, one too many people stared at my tush. Not. Ok.
- When I take off my winter hat and my hair's all kinds of wild and static-y. I look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket.
- When Chinese people assume I can also speak Chinese. Leads to an awkward, "Yeah, my mom never got around to teaching me Chinese..." conversation. I'm such a failure at being Chinese.
- Speaking of being Chinese, getting this article sent to me a thousand times. Yes, my mom was just like this. Yes, I do indeed play the violin. Yes, I'm also good at math. No, I don't think I'm any better than anyone else.
- Talking to the boyfriend about high school and remembering how painfully awkward and weird I was. And then realizing that sometimes I am still painfully awkward and weird. Sigh.
- When two friends get on the ellipticals directly to my left and right and start having a conversation around me. That I can hear over my headphones. And it's about notsowholesome things. Gulp.
- The woman in the cube diagonally behind mine at work. She speaks very loudly. About dumb stuff. And she has a lot of personal conversations on her cell at her desk. And I hear every word. I know too much about her life.

Awesome (sauce):
- The video montage someone in my department made today to say goodbye to our current content hosting system. It was soundtracked by "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. Straight up made my life. I'd link it, but it might not make sense. I'll spare you. But just know that it provided 5 solid minutes of legit laugh out loud fun.
- The pizza I made yesterday on a wheat wrap. Ultimate thin crust. Easiest thing evaaaaaaah.
- Surprise bagels in the office this morning. You betcha I took two bagels even though I had one for breakfast. Those little rolls of carb-y goodness are coming home with me. Herro Friday's breakfast :)
- Mama bear getting me the sequin jacket I've been lusting over for practically no dollah!
- Going to Foxwoods this weekend to celebrate this guy's birth. Even though I suck at gambling.
- Getting to dress up classy (but kinda skanky) for the aforementioned celebration.
- This song by James Morrison.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the daybook! I just did my list too. how'd you make this pizza you speak of? haha I always heart an easy meal! Is it just like the wrap, sauce, and cheese or more intricate? either way, I bet it's delishhh

  2. haha i hate going to the grocery store or any public place for that matter aside from the gym in my gym clothes. And i am so jealous you got that sequin gap jacket! I was lusting over it but couldn't find it anymore.

  3. So funny! I go to the market in my PJ's sometimes and get stared at for other reasons, I'm sure! haha (:

  4. I too was painfully awkward in high school and still am at times. I love The Daybook!

  5. I HATE awkward gym conversations more than almost anything else. Hey, ladies on the treadmill....can you take your conversation to the ellipticals? No one is over there. K, thanks.

    That's what I want to say to them every single time.

    But I keep my mouth shut.


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