awkward and awesome

So all week I was SO pumped about Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I kept thinking to myself every time something would happen, "Oh, totally going on the list!" Raise your hand if tonight when you sat down at your computer you forgot all about this...

...Oh, just me? Darn. Alright. Here we go.

- The fact that I just spelled the word "awkward" four times with the letter E instead of R. Make that five...
- Receiving a BBM from one of my best friends this morning telling me not to eat Mexican Hamburger Helper because it's like poo and a pain to clean up. Yeah. Good morning to you too.
- Watching someone fall asleep in a meeting. Actually, it's just sort of awkward for them.
- Biting the inside of my lip and then finding myself absentmindedly playing with the mark in the middle of the day. With people watching me. About that...
- Walking in late during a meeting.

- Getting Guster tickets yesterday!!!!!!!!
- Receiving an email during lunch with the password to the pre-sale Dispatch tickets for tomorrow. The boyfriend says he might cry tomorrow. It's THAT awesome.
- My stockpile of Trader Joe's Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea. Shit's like gold.
- Re-discovering my navy blazer this morning. I looked so fly.
- Hearing word that the giant pandas at the National Zoo in DC get to stay another five years!! If you know me, you know my deep (and mildly obsessive) love for the pandas. When Tai Shan was sent back to China, I cried.
Now this gets to happen more and more and more. I'm. So. Excited.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I totally forgot about my whole day when I went to write mine too!

  2. I totally misspelled awkward when I went to write mine also! Glad I'm not the only one.

  3. Just found your blog! Random fact: I just saw Guster in concert a few days ago, in Portland. So good! Love Dispatch too.

  4. Aww, that panda is so cute! I want one as a pet, lol, it looks so cuddly! :)

  5. Mmmmm... vanilla and cinnamon black tea!! Sounds freakin delish!!

    Love your list. :)


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