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It's Friday night (woohoooooo!). I'm exhausted after my first week back to work in the office, and the boyfriend has had his first 5-day work week in the past two months. We're tired. So we're staying home tonight and watching movies.

I don't have a whole lot to say, so here are some random things for you to consider this weekend.

My friend (actually, he's the boyfriend's best friend who has been so kind as to become my friend as well) Jesse recently asked me for advice in starting his first blog. We had a nice long chat just before New Years', and we discussed the pros and cons of blogging, and what creates a good, substantial blog. And he's launched his very own blog this week! He moves quickly. Anyway, he's been accepting challenges from friends and family for 2011. He will complete them throughout the year and blog about them. It's a very interesting take on resolutions. He also has written a draft of his first novel, and as he edits it he'll post excerpts to the blog as well. You should check him out. Seriously. Right here.

Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are heading into Chinatown to grab some dim sum and then do a little grocery shopping. Don't know what dim sum is? It's the traditional Chinese family meal eaten generally on the weekends. It's sort of a brunch-ish type meal in that it's eaten between like 10 and 2. But it's a hodgepodge of foods. Oh man. That's REAL Chinese food right there. It's brought around in carts, and you pick what you want off of the carts rather than off a menu. It's quite the experience. Oh, you want to try it sometime (since, you know, it's awesome)? Hit me up. I'll take you. I'll show you the ropes.

Oh, and I promised a brownie recipe! Here it is (courtesy of the wonderful Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten)!

Peanut Swirl Brownies (om nom nom)

1 pound unsalted butter
1 pound plus 12 oz semisweet chocolate chips, divided
6 oz unsweetened chocolate
6 extra large eggs
3 T instant coffee granules
2 T pure vanilla extract
2 1/4 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour, divided
1 T baking powder
1 t kosher salt
3/4 cup smooth peanut butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter and flour a 12 x 18 x 1.5 inch sheet pan.

Melt together the butter, 1 pound chocolate chips and the unsweetened chocolate in a medium bowl over simmering water. Allow to cool slightly. In a large bowl, stir (don't beat!) together the eggs, coffee granules, vanilla and sugar. Stir the warm chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and allow to cool to room temperature.

In a medium bowl, sift together the 1 cup flour, baking powder and kosher salt. Add to the cooled chocolate mixture. Toss the remaining 12 oz of chocolate chips with 1/4 cup of flour and then add them to the chocolate batter. Pour into the prepared sheet pan. Spoon the peanut butter over the chocolate mixture and use a knife to swirl it through.

Bake for 20 minutes, then rap the baking sheet against the the oven shelf to force the air to escape between the pan and the brownie dough. Bake for about 10 or 15 minutes longer or until a toothpick comes out clean. And whatever you do, don't overbake them!

Happy weekend!

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