snoloko 2011

So the southeastern part of the beautiful United States has been blanketed in snow and ice for days. And now it's on its way here. As a preliminary precaution, my department has already been instructed to stay off the roads and work from home. Grown up snow days. Gotta love 'em.

This leaves me with little to say, unfortunately. I went to the grocery store (along with half of West Newton) to stock up on some supplies while I prepare to hunker down in the apartment.

So, in lieu of my words, I've got David Gray here to serenade with you. So grab a cup of tea or cocoa or chai or whatever the heck makes you happy and snuggle up. It's going to be a long storm.


  1. We are in the teens down here in Louisiana right now and it's TERRIBLE. A little ice shuts down everything... Bundle up

  2. I had never heard this David Gray song till you posted it...and from one listen I went on I tunes and downloaded it...What a fab find..Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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