snow. again.

I'm over this snow nonsense. Like, really over it. I feel like it's been nothing but snow since the day after Christmas. And all I've been doing is shoveling, brushing off my car and slipping on ice since. And I am over it. I want to boycott it until late March rolls around and it starts getting warm again.

I know, some of you must be thinking, 'Alex, please. You live in Massachusetts. You've lived here for all 22.66 years of your life. Get over it already.' But this is my blog. And I can say/write what I want. So deal. This weather is just making me long more and more for California. Specifically, San Diego. Where sister bear used to live. And I used to visit. And things like this happened on a fairly regular basis (in January):

That's O. When she was just a beeb. Such a model.
And I could go to Vegas. In a t-shirt. In January.
Sigh. That's what happens when there's too much grey/white in my weather forecast. I get nostalgic.

This weekend I went with the boyfriend over to Banana Republic (fondly known as Banana) to buy a suit. Let me tell you, there's nothing like a man in a nice suit. Especially when he's yours. And you can smother him in kisses. Heehee.

Oh, and we went to this fantastical restaurant where I got the most magical pizza. Yes, magical. Wanna know why it was just so wonderful? Oh, I'll tell you. Goat cheese. Here's a fun fact about me: I. Love. Cheese. All kinds of cheese. Always. Love it. And goat cheese is one of my all-time favorites (is it weird that I have all-time favorite cheeses? Wait...don't answer that.). Anyway, this pizza was phenomenal.

I figure this is probably something I could make at home. A few weeks ago I made homemade pizza on wheat wraps for the ultimate thin crust. Top that with some tomato sauce, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, goat cheese crumbles and sliced mozzarella. I could have my very own goat cheese pizza right at my fingertips. Doesn't it sound delicious? Are you drooling? I am.

While I was freezing today at work (yes, it's not only cold outside of my office, it also oftentimes feels like Antarctica in my office), I perused these pants from J.Crew:

Don't those look like the coziest pants in the entire world? As a child and teenager, I was never allowed to wear sweatpants out of the house. So in high school when everyone was rocking sweatpants because it was early and freezing out, I was in actual pants. Mama bear says they look sloppy. But theeeeeese sweatpants don't look sloppy. Girlfriend might have to break some rules and buy these and wear them. Always.

Also, I recently discovered a no-bake cookie recipe that involves chocolate, peanut butter and oats. Get yourself pumped for a baking post very soon...

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  1. I think I probably have a top 5 cheese list. . . ;) But hey, I did go to school in Wisconsin.


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