so this is the new year

I don't feel a whole lot different now that it's 2011. It's kind of like birthdays. You get older, it's a huge milestone, but things just never feel different. Oh well.

Anyway, I realized the other day that I never shared my resolutions for 2011. I don't have big ones. I don't like to shoot too high and then let myself down. So I'm keeping it simple this year.

* Keep a regular healthy routine, but I don't plan on denying myself of things that I want
* Continue to make positive changes in my life
* Do more bikram yoga

[1/5/11 Edit: I forgot two other things:
* Drink more tea
* Drink more water.

Carry on.]

That's all I've got for now. Simple, but attainable. NYE itself was wild, and I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from it. I'll have a full post very soon, but here's a brief preview.
It's the lot of us, who drove in four separate cars, and all managed to get to the NH State Liquor Store on I-93 at the same time. Magic, I tell you.

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