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Here are some things that I've been reading/watching/listening to lately. I think you might benefit from (or enjoy) doing the same.


I just finished reading this memoir by Julia Scheeres. It's her story of growing up with her adopted black brother in the 70s. Incredible. From their unfair lives together with their uber-religious and distant mother and abusive father, to their stint together in a South American religious reformatory school, they do everything together and with love. It's amazing to see what an unlikely love can do to you and how it can motivate you toward a better life. Oh, you want to read it? You can borrow it from me. Hit me up. Oh, you don't know me IRL? Local library. Or Amazon (especially if you bought today's LivingSocial deal!). Very much so worth it.

I was also introduced to a new blog called Eat Live Run yesterday at my company meeting. I was looking for some new reading material during an especially boring/drawn-out session. If you're looking for some good health tips and some amazing recipes, check this one out. Right there is linguine and clams. Easy peasy recipe, delicious meal. Genius.


Currently, I'm watching this show on TLC called "My Strange Addiction." HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHOW?! If you have, then you understand why I asked that question in the way I did. Last week, some girl ate laundry detergent. This week, there's a girl who eats couch cushions and another one who wears furry outfits. YEAH. I kid you not. Check it out.


This Guster song to get ready for the May 7 concert at the House of Blues. Yeah, the boyfriend bought me these tickets today for my birthday :) They were the first concert I ever saw, and I love watching them play. I'm pretty pumped.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow, that sounds like it might be an amazing book! I may have to see if my library has it! :)

  2. I read that book it is awesome! Also I love your blog!
    I plan on trying a recipe from Eat Live Run tonight!


  3. Things i find cool:

    1.) Guster was MY First concert too! 16 years old, at the hatch shell, they came in on real moving trolley. I'll never forget it

    2.) My birthday is may 17th, just 3 days after yours! MAY BABIES!!

    i think its meant to be :)


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