ugh. mondays.

I have few words for today. I woke up to discover that my PayPal had been hacked into and subsequently has been limited. Sigh. Unauthorized transactions on my account. Such is life. Thankfully, nothing else has been touched and my money is all where I left it. Were you worried? Yeah, SO WAS I.

On the bright side, I took a fantastically fantastic hot yoga class tonight and sweated my little tush off. It felt good. And the boyfriend just made me tea. I'm spoiled.

Tomorrow's my company meeting. Oy.

I have nothing good to say. Sorry.

Here's a funny/very true reaction to that article I mentioned yesterday (and by mentioned I mean ranted about).

Oh, and here's some music for your ears, since Dispatch tickets are going on pre-sale on Friday. Holla! Happy Monday!

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