we went to golden temple this weekend

This weekend was quite the whirlwind, and while some of it was expected, some of it just came out of left field and I ended up at Golden Temple and then in a snow bank. Let's backtrack, shall we?

Friday night we ordered badforyouChinese food, and I got my sweet and sour chicken. I figured I'd get it out of the way before Chinese New Year came around (it's this Thursday...holla!). We watched awesomely bad TV and sat around on the couch. It was magnificent.

Saturday, the boyfriend and I went home to Worcester to take E out for her date. For Christmas, we promised the girls we'd come home and take them out to do something fun, just us and them. So E got hers on Saturday. We went to Panera for lunch and then we went to a local pottery place to paint her own special box.

 She sure loves her Panera.

 E also loves yogurt. And sharing her yogurt.

 We helped her paint it a little bit. She is only two, ya know.
 And the finished product! She had me write her name on it for her :)
 E throws her hands up in the air (sometimes).
And then she passes out. Zonked.

And then it was Saturday night. And we vowed not to be lame and to go out. So we did. It started off innocently enough; we went to Roggie's and got a beer tower, and it was kind of silently stated to be a low-key night. And then things did a complete 180. Somehow, someway, it was decided that we should go dancing. But there was no where around to go...or so we thought. Until Kevin remembered about a place on Beacon Street in Brookline, just up the street from where we were. And then the boyfriend remembered the name: Golden Temple.

Now, if you know Golden Temple, then you know why this is hilarious. If you don't, then here's why: it's a Chinese restaurant that doubles as a bar/nightclub at night. Yes. And they charged us 10 dolla for mixed drinks and over 5 dolla for bottled beers. And we got wild. And things got weird (really weird). And we loved every second of it.

We found a girl. By herself. Dancing her heart out. So we danced with her...sort of.
Girl. Was. Wild.
What an attractive group of people. Laura and I also feature matching shirts. Not pictured: our matching blazers. We did not plan this.
I feel like every once in a while, you just need a night where you can go out and be crazy and not feel like you're making a complete fool of yourself. And that's what we did. Ah. Refreshing.

We decided to walk back from the bar, and it ended in a bunch of pushing into snow banks and one Laura down in the middle of the street. If I weren't too busy laughing my butt off and falling onto the sidewalk from laughing, I would have had a picture of it. Sorry about your 'bows, L.

Anywho, it was a wild weekend. WILD I TELL YOU. And now the snow is coming back for round I'velostcount. Seriously. I have no idea how many storms we've had. But it's like three too many at this point. Sigh. On the bright side, the boyfriend and I just did a massive shop at Target (IloveTarget), so now we have food for when we're stranded inside.

Hunker down, friends. Happy Monday!


  1. Wow! What a fabulously fun night! Glad you had a great weekend and fingers crossed this storm isn't as bad as everyone's predicting. ;)

  2. love this! how fun! im looking for a template like this, maybe you could help me? anyways! love the blog! cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!


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