awkward and awesome thursday

- Doing things backwards at yoga class. So you know, I turn to my right to go into a twist, and I see the rest of the class staring at me. Since, you know, they're all twisting left.
- "Watching" something on eBay. I feel like such a creep. Like, "Hey there, I'm just going to sit here and stare at your item and PRAY no one else bids on it. Kthanks."
- My downstairs neighbor. I've talked to her many times in the past few weeks (mostly about parking. Sigh.), and it was just plain awk.
- Sydney put this in her post, is. And it happens to me a lot at work. "The awful silence in the bathroom when you're in the stall and just one other chick is primping herself in the mirror. Sometimes I just want to yell out, 'K I'm not gonna do anything until you leave ... so how bout we just speed the process up a little and you primp somewhere else.'" Yep. I feel you, girlfriend.

- Having a crying fit on Friday, but then having a heart-to-heart with the boyfriend's sister and feeling way better after.
- There was more sunshine than snow this week. I'll take what I can get at this point.
- Anthropologie is launching their wedding collection "BHLDN" (pronounced "beholden") on Monday. So now I can lust after more Anthro things I can't afford. Yessssssssssss.
Yeah, you're drooling too, I know.
- Reading this on CNN: "What's cuter than babies? Did you say pandas? Well, what's cuter than pandas? Baby pandas!" It's a dream come true :)
- Having the WHOLE weekend off from work. Thank. The. Lord.
- Going to see this guy this weekend for the boyfriend's birthday/Valentine's Day:

My anxiety has been on overload for a few weeks now, and I'm not really sure why. It might be a combination of weather and how sick I've been. But I often start feeling confined or really personally crushed if something goes wrong. And unfortunately I feel like that's been affecting my writing. I don't feel as inspired or as bubbly as I normally do.

I'm hoping this weekend gives me a chance to recharge my batteries and get back to my old self. Or I can just keep dreaming of Florida...


  1. hey girlie i just kinda stumbled upon this post, but i'm totally feeling ya on the anxiety thing. i'm personally blaming the icky winter weather, but it's just been so hard to stay bubbly. i'm lookin forward to spring sooo much. just need some more sunshine :) keep on keepin on, love!

  2. Okay, these awkward notes are hilarious!!! I had never thought about watching items on ebay like that, but now I'll always feel like a creeper. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and it's more awesome than awkward. ;)


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