awkward and awesome thursday

Back and raring to go!

- Finding out the strange and random connections I have to people at my work. It makes me...nervous? Uncomfortable? Nope. Just supremely awkward.
- Greasy hair that wasn't that greasy in the beginning of the day.
- Walking down a hallway and running into someone going the opposite direction. Having general smalltalk of, "Hey, how's it going?" "Fine, thanks!" Then returning back down the hallway. And running into the same person. What do you do?! I always end up with awkward smalltalk like "Funny seeing you here!" And then I just get a blank smile back. And then I run to my desk and cry.
- People who type extremely loudly. It's like a bomb's going off every time they type out a word. How do you nicely address this? "Excuse me, could you please not slam the keys so hard?"

- One of my friends at work has a blog all about animals. Endless hours of entertainment over here at Current Instinct.
things like this faysh happen on a fairly regular basis.
- Three words: Burts. Bees. Chapstick. Shit's like gold in the winter.
- The sunshine that has been permeating through the windows all week. It's brightening my mood as we speak.
- Smoothies with the boyfriend that include soy milk, apple, pineapple and banana. Deeeee-lish.
- Neapolitan pizza. ZOMG thin crust om nom nom.
- Speaking of food, easy parmesan knots.
god i love food.


  1. Girl you make me laugh!! The one about running into the same person twice is TRULY awkward. This has happened to me in the grocery store NUMEROUS times, and it is soooo Fing ridiculously awkward!!! LOL!!!!


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