awkward and awesome thursday

First things first: today is a birthday day. But it is no regular birthday day. It is the birthday of 2 of the most important peoples in my life. It's the boyfriend's birthday!!!
yaayyyyy boyfriend!
AND it's O's 5th birthday!!
yaayyyyy O!
Happy birthday you crazy cats! I love you both to the moon and back.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

- Eating cereal dry as a snack at work. I feel like I'm crunching very loudly...
- When someone sneezes and you say, "Bless you," but then they continue to sneeze. Many more times. Do you continue to bless them? Do you wait for them to finish and then say it? DO YOU JUST STARE?!
- People talking on their cell phones in the bathroom. And by bathroom, I mean bathroom stall. I don't want your person on the other end to hear me do my business. Seriously. Not one bit.

- Joshua Radin and Tall Heights on repeat. Mmmhmmm.
- Boyfriend getting me delicious baklava yesterday and making a bomb diggity potato salad.
- This cereal:
om nom nom.
- The Iron and Wine concert we're going to see in April!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your loved ones! :)
    Happy weekend dear!

  2. Dont you love that awkward moment when you can hear yourself crunching...wondering who else can you hear you too?!?

  3. Gah!!! The sneezy thing is for realz one of my life's biggest delimmas!


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