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It's Valentine's Day. I kind of have a sick obsession with this holiday. I like the red and pink hearts everywhere. I like buying cards and chocolates and flowers. I like that love is so accepted and welcomed. I. Love. Chocolate.

I could go on for years about why I think this holiday is great. And this is the boyfriend and mine's first Valentine's Day living together. So we're staying in tonight, and he's cooking me some delicious dinner. And I went to Flour yesterday and bought us some treats. Including a fantastically fantastic sticky bun. Mama bear apparently saw the recipe for this sticky bun. Apparently, the recipe is three single-spaced pages long. I kid you not. I will just continue to buy them from the bakery.

loving the new year already... :)
This weekend was fantastic, and the concert was magnificent. Even if we stood next to a couple with braces. Yeah. We had AT LEAST five years on 75 percent of the attendees. We were the old people. Sigh. I'll post pictures (and maybe video...) later in the week.

But anywho, you shouldn't be here reading my blog. You should be off relishing the love in your life (doesn't have to be romantic...remember your parents/siblings/friends/dog/cat love you too)! And, for the record, I love caramel filled truffles. Just in case, you know, you were thinking of me.


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