friday friday friday friday!

It's Friday. FINALLY!!!! My bff is in town from the lovely land of Canada, and I am the most excited panda in the land. Her being in Canada has really been cramping my style.

We're going out to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday tonight with a whole assortment of friends, and then tomorrow we're going back to Worcester to visit my famalamslam for L's FIRST birthday!! How time flies. She used to be such a peanut. Now she's just getting so big.
Happy birthday L!
Oh, and you wanna see me lookin' extra goofy? Is that a yes I hear?

The things I do to curl my hair. Happy weekend lovelies!


  1. Haha, I used to do my hair up like that to make it curly. Or wear a million braids over night. Always looked so goofy.


  2. Love the pictures of your hair in curlers--you look great! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. :)


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