green tea

One of my new year resolutions was to drink more tea, and I have recently grown a deep and loving adoration toward green tea. It's just so darn refreshing. When I was little, I hated tea. And now, it's almost all I want to drink. Alright, I'm done.

So this weekend! The boyfriend and I got to spend all day Saturday together since I wasn't slaving working at the Gap. Even though we did end up at a Gap. And the boyfriend got a shirt for $1.08. I kid you not. I gots myself a winner. And then it was time to see Joshua Radin! He put on a pretty sa-weet show, if I do say so myself. All of the girlies in the audience were talking about what a hottie he is.

 Check him out.

And I did promise a video, so enjoy. Even if it is kind of crap quality, and I did cut off the first line of the song.

Sadly, the boyfriend was sick on Sunday and couldn't come to the dragon parade, but I still went. It was fun, loud, colorful and full of amazing food. Oh, you're looking for some good dumplings in Chinatown? Go here. Get the C11. You will not be disappointed.

O. Being O. 
Oh, and for Valentine's Day, the boyfriend cooked me a wonderful dinner. And then he got me a whole red velvet cake.

Sigh. I was in heaven. Still am, since there's like a WHOLE CAKE LEFT. Awesome. I'm going to be in and out of a sugar coma all week.

So yeah. That's been the weekend/week's beginning thusfar. Oh, and I just got my first flat tire. Yeah. Stupid potholes.

AND ON ANOTHER NOTE: I'm thinking of selling some of my purses that I don't use anymore. Would anyone be interested in seeing or buying them? Yeah? Yeah? If you are, let me know, and maybe I'll open up shop right here on my bloggy instead of putting them on eBay. Let a sistah know.


  1. How fun! I love that drinking more tea was a resolution of yours. I just adore tea and drink way too much probably!!

  2. I lurrrrrrrrrrrve green tea. And it's got all the antioxidant goodness, so that's a good NY reso. Eeeeeek, you're wearing that dress. Love!


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