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So this weekend was the Barefoot Truth concert. The boyfriend really loves (and I mean LOVES) BFT, and while I've heard a lot of their stuff, I wasn't particularly crazy about them (in comparison). But I went because the boyfriend bought two tickets and seeing live music is always funtimes fo sho.

I was sort of pleasantly surprised when we got to the Brighton Music Hall that there were two opening acts. Now, let's be real here: opening acts suck sometimes. They're like filler music that you listen to while you waitwaitwait for the music you really bought the tickets for. Like when I went to see John Mayer a few summers ago and tailgated through OneRepublic's opening act (In retrospect, this was a poor life decision because now I really like them and wish I had seen them...but that's beside the point).

But let me tell you, the first opening act did not suck. They were actually pretty rad. And used a cello. A CELLO. I LOVE THE CELLO. Oh, you're not as emphatic as I am about the cello? Too bad. You should be. Now go listen to some Yo Yo Ma (fun fact: I've met Mr. Ma 3 times. I'm a music nerd. End nerdism.).

They're called Tall Heights. And you should probably check them out. Right. Now.

That's some real beautiful stuff right there.


  1. lovvvvvvvvvvvve new, good music! thanks for sharing sista!

  2. Sounds like it was a good time! Beautiful music <3


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