sometimes you slip on some ice

First, we had a fantastically fantastic weekend that included eating dim sum with friends, seeing a cool concert and me buying a yellow dress after some necessary retail therapy with a new friend. I will go into more about the weekend at a later date because I have more important things to address right now.

Today, I slipped on a patch of ice, fell and crushed the heck out of my poor boo-tay. Dolly was visiting, and things were fine and dandy. And I took her out for a quick walk at lunchtime so she could get some fresh air. It had snowed some crazy-looking, shredded coconut look-a-like snow in the morning, so the sidewalks were covered. My Ugg-covered foot met the patch of ice and quickly departed. I went up. And I came down. HARD. Dolly continued to sniff the surrounding snow piles and poles while I whimpered on the ground.

Then tonight I did a hot yoga class. And I felt all off-balance because of my fall. And things hurt. And a lot of things didn't feel right. But I left class feeling much lighter. Of course now my boo-tay is hurting more than ever, and I am cursing the snow. But at least I had a good yoga class.

I'm going to try to bring my yoga mat to Florida so I can do some of this:

And try to forget about all of this:

Happy Monday, all. I hope your day was significantly better than mine.


  1. ick - falling on the ice. not not fun. i bust my butt on ice at least once during the winter. not fun

  2. Hope your bum is feeling better! And you should so come down to florida. Sun and green grass here!


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