all i can think about is sunshine and the beach

And it's only Monday. And I'm not leaving for Florida until Saturday. Saturday night, to be exact. The only thing running through my mind is how nice it's going to be to have time to sit, read, eat, do yoga and just be for a few days. It'll be like bliss.

But it's only Monday. I've got a whole week in between me and the gloriousness. This weekend wasn't terribly interesting, except for some fine pieces of clothing that worked their way into my wardrobe. But my creme de la creme of the weekend was purchasing my first ever pair of platform wedge sandals.

I'm not an incredibly tall girl by any means. But I am kind of tall. At 5'7, I feel like I hover over a lot of my friends. So I'm not really the one who puts on heels most of the time. I stick to flat boots, flat sandals, just flats in general. But these wedges were practically screaming my name from the back room at Gap (yeah...we didn't even put them on the floor yet).
So now I'm the proud owner of these puppies. They make my legs look miles long. They're all sorts of fabulous. Oh, you want to be fabulous with me? Here you go.

I found a new way to cook eggs while blog-stumbling that I tested out tonight (I really like brinner). We can all thank Gordon Ramsey for this one.

The perfect scrambled eggs

3 eggs
3/4 T butter (approx)
salt and pepper to taste

Crack eggs directly into sauce pan, and do not beat them. Add butter, and over high heat rapidly stir eggs with a spatula. Bring sauce pan off heat for about 5 seconds, then back on. Continue doing this and do not stop stirring until cooked to preference. Add salt and pepper once finished, and add whatever else you want (chives, bacon bits, cheese, etc...).

toast completes it.
I folded shredded cheese into mine once I took it off the heat, and it was delicious. Light, fluffy and full of flavor. I'm never cooking scrambled eggs any other way ever again.


  1. BRINNER IS MY FAVORITE! Great taste, lady! Also, all I wore last summer was platform wedge sandals. They are so stylish and yes, make the legs look miles long!

  2. YUM! I can't wait for you to go to the beach!


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