awkward and awesome thursday

Are you getting bored of this yet? Because I'm not. And the boyfriend keeps pointing out things during the week, saying stuff like, "Hey, that can go on your awkward and awesome list!" I think he likes it too.

- Making the most bomb dot com overeasy egg sammich for binner, squeezing down the bread to get a good bite, and having the yolk explode all over my sweatshirt. Yep. YEP.
- Watching someone in the bathroom not wash their hands know. SO MANY GERMS. I always end up scrubbing my hands extra hard after I see that, as if I can make up for them.
- When people try to push their beliefs/religious affiliations/whatever on others or me, and I'm just sort of left like, "But...but...I don't believe that." Jenni. You know what I'm talking about.
- This Gchat conversation with Andrew, trying to figure out what to put on this list:
Yep. Farting. He went there.
- Brinner. Breakfast for dinner = brinner.
- Leaving work and having it still be light out (even if the sun is setting...there's still sunshine!).
- Going to Yak and Yeti tomorrow night for a wonderfully wonderful romantic datenight with the boyfriend (and mango lassis!).
- Cupcakes and Cashmere. Everything about this blog is awesomesauce.
- This video:

You're lying if you say that baby didn't make you laugh. Or at least crack a grin.

Happy almost weekend!


  1. Hahaha. I love that conversation you posted. Farting at work?

    Way good.


  2. This baby has one of the most awesome laughs. Plus a gigantic laughing smile.

  3. I just watched that baby video like 10 times and it made. my. day. :)

    And yes, yes I DO know what you mean. And can you believe crazy pants has sent me two MORE emails, one saying she PRAYS FOR ME every night? OMG. There are no words.

  4. I love babies, and a laughing baby is just that much better. Great list, esp the convo with your friend about suspicious smells. ;)

  5. omg I love that baby! that is hysterical!


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