awkward and awesome thursday

- Listening to the woman in the cube across the aisle from me call a Verizon representative a "stupid b*tch" over the phone. At 9:15 in the morning. A little early to be hostile in my book...
- When Pandora stops playing music because I haven't skipped over any songs in like 30 minutes, and I sit in total silence for at least five minutes before I realize what Pandora's done. Then I get this message:
well, i was listening, until you abruptly stopped my music. jerks.
- This video:

- It's St. Patrick's Day! And while I am in no way, shape or form Irish, I accidentally wore green. Good enough.
- I found an entire Tumblr devoted to pandas. And how awesome they are. My life is complete.
oh hai!
- We leave for Florida in 16 days!!
- Finding out I'm pants friends with Kendie. Yep. I have those pants. In that exact color. I'M SO COOL!

It's almost the weekend! Thank goodness.


  1. Hahahahahaha! I think this is my favorite post you do each week. I can't imagine that language so early in the morning unless someone is waking me up after staying out all night. What a hilarious video.

    Happy (almost) Friday! :)

  2. Dear Pandora,

    If you want to empty a room, try not playing music. If you want me to keep listening, then play my music already.


  3. Aww I love pandas! And the Pandora thing is funnayyyyyy!

  4. LOL! This made me laugh! Too funny!

    Love pandas! Awwww :)


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