awkward and awesome thursday

well, hello there. i'm strange.
- My obsession with Kellog's Crunchy Nut cereal. Yesterday at the grocery store, I lunged for them in the cereal aisle nearly running into another shopper. I think I need help.
- Orange-flavored jelly beans. It just doesn't taste right.
- When I'm at work and someone sneezes, and we all jump to say, "Bless you," and trample all over each others' words. And then the next time someone sneezes...none of us says anything. I just pretend I didn't hear.
- Instant apple cider from Motts. Just. Say. No. It's weird. And tastes disgusting.

- Florida. Two days. ZOMG.
- One of my best friends visited twice in the past week while he was in town for job interviews. If you don't know Jon, you probably should.
the varying degrees of our friendship
- Big changes in my life recently. BIG.
- Target. Everything about Target is awesome. Where else can I buy everything I need for my home while drinking Starbucks (because, you know, some of them have Starbucks in the store)? NO WHERE BUT TARGET.
- Hometown Glory station on Pandora. If you like Adele's music, you'll love that station. (Post Script: What is this, like the third week in a row Pandora's made it onto this list? That's some love there.)
- Homemade granola. Comin' your way tomorrow :)

Tomorrow is Friday, which means this week is basically done in my book. We started packing last night, and I don't think I'm overpacking...but we'll see when we get there. And I think I'm going to start a 30-day challenge soon...just to see if I can do it.


  1. cannot wait to see what your 30 day challenge is! Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal is to you what Quaker Honey Graham Oh's are to me. I pee a little every time I find them in the grocery store. I do not joke.

  2. The sneezing at work thing is hilarious!

    Wanna know what's worse than orange flavored jelly beans? The black ones...really awkward. Lol!

  3. Love these posts! You always crack me up...

    ...wanna know what makes your day even more awesome?! You won! Check it out: The Scribble Pad: Giveaway Winners Announced

  4. Ahahahahaha hells yeah on the crunchy nut!!! NOM NOM OM NOM NOM NOM I will stab anyone who gets between me and that cereal!!!

    We are kindred spirits.


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