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Today, I took a big, brave, bold step in my makeup venture. I bought orange lipstick.

Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere posted a list of her favorite things, and two of them were Revlon lipsticks. And she always looks so fabulous and put together, and I feel like now that I'm a grown-up, my lips need to step up their game. Bare chapsticked lips no more! Embrace color!

oooh look at me gooooo!
So now I'm rocking Orange Flip lipstick. I also bought the Persian Melon, but I'm still debating it. I wasn't so sure about hot pink lips on me. What do you think? I haven't opened it yet, so there's still time for me to return it!

Also, for all others interested, CVS has Revlon lipsticks on sale this week for $7.49, and you get $4 extra bucks when you buy it!

I also bought some mint green nailpolish (which is also on sale, holla!), so I feel pretty ready for spring.

And on a very serious note, my heart goes out to  Northern Japan, which was ravaged by not only an earthquake today but also a tsunami. As the tragedy continues on, I send love and positive flow to those affected. There are a few different ways you can help; every little bit counts.


  1. I feel like you'll rock the pink. I'll definitely let you test mine!

  2. love the color of the lipstick!!!!

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  3. mint green nail polish - woo! love it! and i need to get out the courage to bust out some colorful lipstick. one of these days i'll do it. and i've been praying for japan ever since i heard what happened. i have friends with family out there and i just hope that they are all safe

  4. i have been wanting to brave the bright lipstick...but havnt gone there yet...maybe ill give it a go next's big decisions..

  5. You.Are.Beautiful. the lipstick looks awesome!!


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