i'm a rocketeer

I have no inspiration for this post other than I'm listening to that new song "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement. I didn't really like them when they came out with that "G6" song, but this one's way better.
Yep. Way better.

The weekend had a lot of Dolly lovin' and Florida/summer shoppin'. We're just about ready to hop on a jet plane and fly down to the beautiful and warm beaches. Except I still need a hat. I was thinking about a fedora, since sissypants told me I'd look good in one. Or a big floppy one for some real Hollywood status.
I dunno. What do you think?

I've also recently rediscovered my obsession with smoothies, so after buying a fabulous to-go cup with a built-in ice pack, I've been making smoothies non-stop. Best so far? Frozen mango, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, orange juice. No need for ice. Smooth like no other. So. Good. I'm going to be playing with different fruits and making these for breakfast, so I'll keep you posted on some good combinations.

It's Monday, pardon my lack of interesting stories. I promise I'll have something good tomorrow.


  1. Big, I bought a hat just like that first one from Gap when we were in LA. Also, I was already considering buying that same floppy one from J. Crew. We're obviously the same completely stylish people.

  2. Go here, thank me later.

  3. Buy both hats:) They're both way cute.

  4. LOVE those hats :) I wish I could buy some but I'm too scared to wear them out in public ha


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