it's raining in baltimore

And it's also raining in Massachusetts. It was rainy and gloomy all day. That always puts me in a sour mood. But here's something that often cheers me up: Griffin House. Yep. Have a listen...

We're having some dinner guests over this weekend, and I'm going to experiment with some new recipes (including a new dessert!). I've been dying to post the recipes, but I want to try to keep it a surprise.

Fun fact: I suck at surprises. I hate them, actually. I'll keep the dessert under wraps until Friday, but here's what I'm making for an appetizer (sans pictures, since I still haven't done it yet...but here's what Trader Joe's says it should look like...).

Crab Dip Supreme
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

1 package of TJ's whipped cream cheese
1 jar TJ's cocktail sauce
1 can or 1 lb refrigerated crab meat
sliced french bread or crackers

Soften the cream cheese, and mix in all of the cocktail sauce and crab meat. Refrigerate for about an hour before serving (but I'm sure longer will be ok too). Spread on bread or crackers.

That's it. I kid you not. Easiest thing evah. And TJ's has a bunch of wicked good-looking recipes on their site. You should check it out. I might try toasting the bread so there's a little bit of a crunch factor with it, but we'll see. I'll let you know how it goes. Or if you try this before Friday night, you let me know how it goes. Thanks.

And because, you know, no post is complete without a laughing baby video from YouTube, here you go.

You're welcome.


  1. The baby video was on the today show this morning--so so so funny!

  2. That is THE coolest baby ever. Made my night.


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