lookin' good

So my blog got a mini-makeover today. Nothing drastic, just something new. I'm also looking to integrate social media buttons, so if anyone's got any advice/cute buttons, let a homegirl know what's up.

So one of my co-workers introduced me to a new blog (Hi, Bianca!). It's called Design Crush. It's updated multiple times a day. It features fashion, accessories, food, interior design...basically everything I love in life. Girlfriend posts photos of things like this...
...when I'm lusting after bikes after deciding I'm going to learn how to ride again. She posts pictures of things like this...
...and all of a sudden the only thing I want to eat is risotto. Girlfriend knows what's up. Amazing stuff I tell you. Check it out when you have a second. And be prepared to not do anything for the next few hours except looking through the archives.

Oh, you're looking to spend a few more hours creeping through someone else's archives? Reagan's Blob. She's an amazing hairdresser, a stunning woman and she has one of the sweetest little girls I've ever seen named Piper Jane. Nothing will break your heart more and raise your spirits in the human soul more at the same time than hearing her story of taking care of beautiful Pip.
sweet as pie.
Happy reading, friends :)


Oh, herro there.

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