one hundred

This is my 100th post. One hundred posts here on my baby blog. It seems like so much, but when I really think about seems like a blip. Like nothing. Just 100 places where you can find the random things I think about on a fairly regular basis.

I guess it makes sense that for my 100th post, I talk about L's first birthday. It was just the famalamslam, just like when she was born.

[Segue for a trip down memory lane...]
When L was born, I was a senior in college. Mama bear had broken her shoulder two weeks before my sister's scheduled c-section, so we were all sorts of a mess. I came home from school to take care of O and E while sisterbear and BIL went to the hospital. It was kind of a crazy weekend. But L was a wonderful sparkling joy of a little girl, and we were all sorts of happy.
E meeting L for the first time.
And L and me :)
And now it's a year later. So much has changed. And now she's so big. Saturday we celebrated with presents, Thai food, guacamole (ZOMG) and love.

My two birthday beebs. 
February birthday babies!
Our gift to O :)
 L and her gift from us! An LL Bean backpack!
Happy first birthday, L!
This marks the end of the birthday bashes. And now we're in March. My, how time is flying!

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  1. Yay for your 100th post and cheers to many many more! :)


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